Boris Yeltsin's visit to Hungary (1990-1999)

Footage №22784, 1 footage, duration: 0:34:42

Scene №1 Boris Yeltsin's visit to Hungary

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Interview of the President of Hungary Arpad Goncz.

Taxis the aircraft.

Build soldiers.

The ramp down, Boris Yeltsin

Greets encountered.

Arpad Goncz and Boris Yeltsin are on the red carpet.

The commander gave a report.

Russian anthem (music by Glinka).

Listens to Naina Yeltsin.

Presidents bypass operation.

Go to the cars.

Presidential Palace, Hungarian and Russian flags on the building.

Military orchestra.

Structure of the soldiers in the square.

Tuple arrives.

Pass Yeltsin and Gentz.

Take a report.

Listen to the hymns.

It is worth Naina Yeltsin.

Members of the Russian delegation to welcome the Hungarian colleagues.

Boris Yeltsin, and Arpad Goncz in the meeting room.

Negotiators are seated at the table.


Press in the hall.

A meeting with Boris Yeltsin, Prime Minister of Hungary Jozsef Antall.

Greet each other.

Talk at the table.

View of Budapest (across the river from the window).

Interview Shokhin.

Meeting with members of Boris Yeltsin of the Hungarian parliament.


The interior of the building of the Parliament of Hungary.

The police explain the way reporters.

A sculpture of a lion at the entrance to the building.

A policeman on a motorcycle.

Build soldiers.

Monument to Soviet soldiers who died in WWII.

System passes the soldiers.

Laying a wreath at the monument.

Yeltsin is the soldiers carrying a wreath.

Farewell to Boris Yeltsin at the airport.

Down the line of soldiers pass Arpad Goncz and Boris Yeltsin.

Yeltsin and Yeltsin say goodbye to the mourners.

Climb the ladder.


Boris Eljcin Naina Eljcina Arpad Genc Jozhef Antall Aleksandr Shohin

Calendar: 90th

Locations: Budapest, Hungary

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