Singapore: a big jump a little tiger. (1990 - 1999)

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Director: Korvyakov O.

Script writers: Karchava A.

Reel №1 Singapore: a big jump a little tiger

Changi airport terminal - are passengers with baggage carts, working staff.

Singapore River; plyet junk, skyscrapers on the waterfront.

Various plans of Singaporeans.

New contemporary neighborhoods in Singapore.

Pass signapurtsy of all ages.

David Chin - Director of the Council for Trade in Singapore tells about the development of Singapore (synchronously).

Streets, buildings, people on the streets.

Bank buildings.

Staffed Russian-Singaporean "Intelorg"

Interviews CEO of GS Ryabchenko (synchronously).

Panorama of skyscrapers and the port.

Jobs in Singapore port: port are working, working harbor cranes - different plans.

Says D. Chin (synchronously).

It takes the police.

Report on the streets of Singapore: are people who are passing cars, double decker buses.

GS Ryabchenko tells about the activities of the firm "Intelorg" (synchronous).

Report on the streets of Singapore.

Female police officers on the street.

Repair of ships at shipyards in Singapore.

Interview Keppel Shipyard executive director Lo Wing Sue (synchronously).

Work dockers and other shipyard workers.

In the dining room staff lunch factory, owned by Singapore-mixed Japanese company "Daimyo plastic Singapore."

Interview Brigadier technicians repairmen enterprises (synchronously).

Production processes in the workshops of the factory.

Chinese restaurants in Singapore: cooking; visitors.

Small streets, two-story houses, gardens in the style of "Banzai."

A man carrying a basket of vegetables.

Men pull out of the box large boa constrictor.

Tattoos on the body of a Singaporean.

Sales of food in the street cafes.

Cooking in the evening the streets of Singapore.

Customers in cafes and exotic restaurants.

Speech at the street dance group.

Viewing audience - different plans, big plans for people to see.

Evening Street (the rain), passing vehicles, police regulate traffic.

D. Chin, tells about the development of the country (synchronously).

The Soviet ships in the Singapore port.

Repair of ships at the shipyard.

The Russian-Singapore ties say Jurong Shipyard executive director Tan and

Lo Wing Sue (synchronously).

Skyscrapers of the Business Center.

Says G. Ryabchenko (synchronously).

Foreign vessels in the port of Singapore.

Pass, pass on the bike, rest working port.

Court in the port.

Pass the port group of workers, the workers lifted the ship.

Changi Airport - are pilots, flight attendants, passengers.

Employees of the terminal for work on computers.

Display with scheduled flights.

Passengers in the cafe.

Cleaners work premises.

Loading luggage into the plane.

Training center for stewards and stewardesses of "Singapore Airlines" (Singapore Airlines).

Interview center employee (synchronously).

Practical exercises stewards and stewardesses.

Instructors give students guidance center.

Passenger service on the air terminal of Changi.

The instructor conducts classes for students training center for stewards and stewardesses.

Young Singaporeans are poulitsam play.

Walking Tours.

Report on the streets of Singapore.

Tourists in a store.

Key words

Foreign economic relations Russia-Singapore






Summer [824] Day [828] Evening [829] Cloudy [832] Rain [833]

Towns and countries; Foreign policy