Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Morning Edition current affairs program "Business Russia".

Leading software and E.Kochergin N.Grigoreva in the studio.

Topics of issue:

"New orders of President Boris Yeltsin";

"A.Livshits about the future of the currency corridor";

"Completion of Viktor Chernomyrdin's visit to Finland," and other news and breaking stories.

Photo of Boris Yeltsin.

Leading the program talks about the Russian President issued the Decree on State Economic Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, on instructions to the government to develop measures to protect the economic interests of the country and coordinate the work of federal bodies of executive power.

E.Kochergin says proposed new Presidential Decree "On Defense Order" and "On exchange rate policy."

Photo A.Livshitsa.

N.Grigoreva talks about the presidential decree "On state support of the assembly production of modern cars in the Kaliningrad region."

Photo Viktor Chernomyrdin.

E.Kochergin tells about the results of Viktor Chernomyrdin's visit to Finland, has signed a number of governmental agreements, including agreements on the production car "Euro-Samara" on the basis of the Finnish company "Valmet", the presentation of a new car.

Leading N.Grigoreva talks about signed in 1966 an agreement between the Soviet government and Italy's "Fiat" of production in the USSR, the car license.

Newsreel 1940-1970 gg.:

Passing trucks, "VMS" - different plans.

Cars "Victory" and "Volga" in the streets of Moscow.

Panorama of high-rise apartment buildings.

Decorated trucks with the demonstrators on the streets of Moscow.

Test test vehicle "Fiat".

Pictures of cars, "Fiat 124" and "Fiat 128".

Production of the car "VAZ-2101" - different plans.

Ready-made cars "VAZ-2101" inside the plant.

Parlor car "Lada", steering wheel, instrument panel.

Passing cars, "VAZ 2121" "Field", "Harmony" - different plans.

Leading the program tells about the next World Bank Russia Loan period of 17 years, the state program of loan proceeds.

The plot of the investing foreign private companies in the Russian economy.

"Russian-Bulgarian company JSC" Rostbalkanfarm. "

Azov City: monument at the entrance to the city, streets, drives traffic, people on the streets, an administrative building - different plans.

Interview with Chairman of the Board of Directors' Rostbalkanfarm "the establishment of joint pharmaceutical ventures.

Building "Rostbalkanfarm"; sign.

The drug "Bronholitin", produced by the company.

Production of drugs in the shops, staffed enterprise; drugs on the conveyor; packaging of drugs - different plans.

The sign "Pharmacy", showcases the medicine.

Panorama of the city of Azov from the Don River.

The story about the problems of the Neva riverine, due to the protracted repair the drawbridge.

River vessels at berth.

Repair of a movable span of the bridge, Peter the Great - different plans.

Interview with the chief engineer of the lack of funding Mostootryad and downtime.

Various plans for construction and repair works.

Bolsheokhtinsky bridge across the Neva, from the departure.

The story of the financial-industrial group "High-speed fleet."

Interview of the President of FIG "High-speed fleet" V.Pervushina on the further development of the corporation.

The plot of the Perm JSC "Aircraft Engine."

The building company "Perm Motors".

Russian civilian aircraft, equipped with turbofan "Aero Engines."

Gas-pumping unit, established in Perm association.

Interview with General Director of JSC "Aviadvigatel" M.Kuzmenko.

Gas compressor plant; setting device - different plans.

The control panel installation, working professionals.

Gas-pumping unit.

M.Kuzmenko says.

Special Report program on "Financing agriculture."

The river, field, grazing cows (spring).

The tractor in the field.

Interview with the Director of the Central Research Institute I.Bubnova on new principles of self-organization of agriculture.

Agricultural machinery.

The farm, the cows have bird feeders, a herd of cows going to pasture.

The brick house on the farm, farm equipment at home.

Rooster and Chicken by the fence.

Pigs and piglets in pens farms.

Farm buildings, hay stacks.

Interview with Provost Academy of National Economy P.Bunicha.

Greenhouses, a cow in the stall.

Newsreel 1920-1930 gg.:

Peasant women in the field; carts in front of the warehouse.

Village street, a shed under a thatched roof.

Haystacks at the farmhouse.

A woman with a bicycle, playing dogs, a cow goes into the net.

I.Bubnov talks about lending.

Farm shop, shoppers in the store.

Farmers Elevator.

Interview with Head of the Department of Agrarian Policy Minselhoznadzora V.Denisova.

Wooden houses, a street in the village.

Interview I.Bubnova and P.Bunicha.

Plowing, the tractor in a field, plowed field.

Rural landscape.

Category "Finance and Markets."

E.Kochergin N.Grigoreva and talk about the proposals A.Livshitsa regulation of the ruble against the dollar, Chubais about statements on the future of the currency corridor.

The story of the development trends of the insurance market in Russia.

The building company "Ingosstrakh".

Visitors to the premises of the insurance company.

Interview with President of JSC "Ingosstrakh" V.Kruglyaka about the interaction of insurance companies and the state.

Working employees of the insurance company.

Interview of the President of the company "Rosgosstrakh" V.Reznika of the insurance market.

Visitors to the office of the insurance company - different plans.

Interview with the head of the insurance company "Interros-Accord" O.Efremov.

Leading the program says that President Boris Yeltsin returned for revision to the State Duma "Insurance Act".

E.Kochergin indicates an increase in the Moscow Bank for Savings Bank of Russia

interest rates on deposits.

Category "World Economy".

The fire at the headquarters of one of the largest banks' KrediLionne "in Paris - firefighters extinguish a fire, a burning building.

News review of foreign exchange and stock markets.

SUV of the future «Raton», proposed by "Reno" - computer graphics.

The consequences of floods in Australia (Bi-plot of the BBC).

Leading read a brief overview of the major events of the day.

Advertising of products and services.


Kochergin E. A. -- Central TV announcer Grigorjeva N. -- speaker Bunich P.G. – ekonomist, narodnij deputat Efremov O. -- Head of the insurance company "Interros-Accord" Reznik V. -- President of "Rosgosstrakh" Kruglyak V. – prezident AO «Ingosstrah» Denisov V. -- Head of the Department of Agrarian Policy Minselhoznadzora Bubnov I. -- Director of the Central Research Institute Kuzmenko M. -- General Director of JSC "Aviadvigatel" Pervushin V. -- FIG president "High-speed fleet" Cvetkov B. -- Chairman of the Board of Directors' Rostbalkanfarm "


May 1996 1940-1970 - Automotive Industry of the USSR 1920-1930 - Agriculture


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