Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The program "Business Russia"

The morning of information and analytical software release.

In the studio, leading the program and E.Kochergin E.Nefedova tell about the main topics of manufacture:

"The new president of Russia Boris Yeltsin's decree";

"A.Livshits about the future of the currency corridor";

"The results of Viktor Chernomyrdin's visit to Finland", and other news stories.

Photo Boris Yeltsin.

Leading tells the President issued a decree "On state support assembly production of modern cars in the Kaliningrad region."

Photo Yeltsin.

E.Kochergin tells signed in 1966 an agreement between the Soviet government and the Italian company "Fiat" of production in the USSR licensed vehicle.

Newsreel 1940-1970 gg.:

Passing trucks "VMS" - different plans.

Cars "Victory" and "Volga" in the streets of Moscow.

Panorama of the high-rise residential buildings.

Decorated trucks with protesters on the streets of Moscow.

Test test vehicle "Fiat."

Pictures of cars "Fiat 124" and "Fiat 128".

Production of the car "VAZ-2101" - different plans.

Finished cars "VAZ-2101" at the factory.

Saloon car "Lada", steering wheel, instrument panel.

Passing cars "VAZ 2121" "Niva", "Harmony" - tests on the road.

E.Kochergin talks about the intention of the South Korean company "Daewoo» (Daewoo) to invest in the reconstruction of the plant "ZIL".

Photos of Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Leading the program tells about the results of his visit to Finland Viktor Chernomyrdin.

The story of the Russian-Bulgarian company "Rostbalkanfarm."

Azov City: a monument at the entrance to the city, the streets of the city.

Drove trucks, people on the streets, office building - different plans.

Interview of the Chairman of the Board of Directors' Rostbalkanfarm "B.Tsvetkova establishing joint pharmaceutical companies.

The building "Rostbalkanfarm"; signboard.

The drug "Bronholitin" manufactured at the plant.

Production of medicines in the shops; staffed enterprise; drugs on the assembly line, packaging of pharmaceuticals - different plans.

The sign "Pharmacy", showcases the medicine.

Panorama of the city from the river Don.

The plot of the regulation of the ruble against the dollar.

Exchange currency.

Hand recount dollars.

People at the exchange point.

Hands according to Russian Ruble.

Passers-by on the street.

Exchange rates on the scoreboard exchange point, people are buying the currency.

E.Nefedova Chubais said on an interview on the subject of the ruble against the dollar.

Guest of the program - the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Budget M.M.Zadornov gives his opinion on the exchange rate band, etc.

Financial News - E.Kochergin talks about providing ONEKSIM bank loan bill the Department of Defense.

Leading the program tell of Russian insurance companies.

Reports on trends in insurance companies.

The building company "Ingosstrakh".

Visitors to the premises of the insurance company.

Interview of the President of "Ingosstrakh" V.Kruglyaka about the interaction between insurance companies and the state.

Staffed insurance company.

Interview of the President of the company "Rosgosstrakh" V.Reznik of the insurance market.

Visitors to the office of the insurance company - different plans.

Interview of the insurance company "Interros-Consent" O.Efremova.

Leading the program suggests that President Boris Yeltsin returned for revision to the State Duma, "Insurance Law".

Overview of the market for government securities.

The plot of "News of the world economy."

The fire at the headquarters of the bank "KrediLionne" in Paris - firefighters extinguish a fire, a burning building.

Leading talk about the level of unemployment in Germany and Brazil, the expenditure on the army in Chile, etc.

News review of foreign exchange and stock markets.

Computer graphics: The car of the future - SUV «Raton» company "Renault".

A short overview of upcoming events and topics daily issue of "Business Russia".

Advertising of products and services.


Kochergin E. A. -- Central Television announcer Nefedova E. -- speaker Cvetkov B. -- Chairman of the Board of Directors' Rostbalkanfarm " Kruglyak V. – prezident AO «Ingosstrah» Efremov O. -- director of the insurance company "Interros-Consent" Reznik V. -- President of "Rosgosstrakh" Zadornov M.M. -- economist and statesman


May 6, 1996 1940-1970 - Automotive Industry of the USSR


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