Business Russia (1996)

Telecast №22965, 1 part, duration: 0:25:58

Reel №1 The program "Business Russia"

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Daily release of information and analytical program "Business Russia".

In the studio, leading - and E.Kochergin T.Ivanovskaya.

Theme issue:

"Sensational changes in the higher echelons of power";

"The incident with the arrest of the leaders of the advertising agency" Prime SW ";

"The economic program of the Communist Party";

"The invasion of foreign kinopiratov the Russian market" and other news.

Topic "information.

Comments. "

E.Kochergin says the decree of President Boris Yeltsin to withdraw from their positions of Deputy Prime Minister O.Syskovtsa, director of the Federal Security Service and M.Barsukova security chief A.Korzhakova president.

Photos O.Syskovtsa, M.Barsukova and A.Korzhakova.

Leading the program tell about comments Chubais S. Filatov and Viktor Chernomyrdin, Lebed of resignation in the government caused the arrest and S.Lisovskogo Evstafieva.

Guest program - Assistant Minister of Finance of Russia P.E.Zhukov expresses his opinion about the economic program Zyuganov.

"Pravda" newspaper published a program Zyuganov.

The plot of the signing of an agreement on investment support Russian production between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Metropolitan Savings Bank.

Reporter M.Margevich is reporting the signing of the agreement.

The signing ceremony of investment support.

The agreement signed by EBRD Vice-President and Chairman of the Board D.Hekster Metropolitan Savings Bank A.Grigoriev.

Interview A.Grigoreva.

T.Ivanovskaya talks about investment policy in Russia, the Swedish pulp and paper company "AssiDoman" and others, have signed agreement of JSC "Segezhabumprom."

"New scientific and technological developments in Russia."

The story of a unique engine created at the Yaroslavl Motor Plant.

Trucks "KAMAZ Master" on the road marathon rally Paris - Dakar, at the finish.

Building "JAMZ" (Yaroslavl Motor Plant) area of ​​the plant.

Build new diesels in the shops.

Trucks on the road Paris - Dakar.

The plot of the new method of corrosion control car.

Development of Russian scientists SRI "Khimavtomatika" - environmentally friendly rust converter "Armour".

Scientists in laboratory demonstrate actions anticorrosive composition.

Cars on a city street.

Leading the program talk about the collection of taxes on the new tax code on the debtor.

Photos of Russian Finance Minister V.Panskova.

E.Kochergin talks about the creation of a government commission to gain control over the passage of tax payments.

Overview of the situation on the financial markets.

Comments on various leading political issues: the lack of Boris Yeltsin at a meeting of Eight, the U.S. economic sanctions against Libya and Iran, etc.

Germany - German Chancellor Helmut Kohl's statement about the plan of budget savings.

Protests in Bonn.

USA - Building "General Motors"; assembly shop; conveyor; test test car (not planned plot program).

The plot of the video piracy.

Kiosk selling videotapes movies.

Buyers at the kiosk.

Interview filmmaker A.Kosareva about the abduction video pirates Israel and the U.S. of his film "Hostage devil."

Visual equipment.

Interview of Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Moscow Bar Association I.Savelevoy about protecting intellectual property rights.

Reporting the Sochi festival "Kinotavr-96."

The audience in front of the Winter Theatre Sochi (removed from the upper point).

Interviews general producer of "Kinotavr" M.Rudinshteyna.

Awarding of prizes; jury meeting.

Excerpts from films.

Work of the International Film Market during the festival.

On the work of the film market says producer I.Tovstunov.

Participants "Kinotavra" on stage.

Sunset over the sea.

Advertising of goods and services.


Kochergin E. -- speaker Ivanovskaya T. -- speaker Tovstunov I. -- producer Rudinshtejn M. -- producer, film critic, actor Saveljeva I. -- Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Moscow Bar Association Kosarev A. -- filmmaker Hekster D. -- Vice-President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Grigorjev A. -- chairman of the Metropolitan Savings Bank Zhukov P.E. -- Assistant Minister of Finance of Russia

Calendar: June 1996

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