Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Morning Edition current affairs program.

Leading software and E.Kochergin T.Ivanovskaya in the studio.

Topics of issue:

"The Russian-Belarusian economic relations - prospects for development";

"Strengthening of the Russian Navy - nuclear cruiser" Peter the Great will soon come on line ";

"Will there be a unified air traffic control system - the conflict between the air traffic controllers and the Ministry of Transport";

"Problems of the Russian jewelry industry", and other news reports.

E.Kochergin T.Ivanovskaya comment threads, and release.

Video reports of the program:

"The economic state of Belarus"

Experts' meeting of the World Bank memorandum on the status of the Belarusian economy.

Interview of the Chief Economist of the World Bank D.Hansena.

Minsk - a report on the city: the bus station, street, passers-by exchange.

The building of the National Bank of Belarus.

The meeting of experts of the World Bank.

D.Hansen speaks at a news conference.

The building of Government House in Minsk.

"The Navy of Russia."

Nuclear missile cruiser "Pyotr Veliky" at the pier.

The deck, ship's combat systems, satellite communication system, the captain's cabin, etc.

Leading talk about the government's intention to consider the concept of the budget for 1997, to finalize the package of documents on the reform of Russian enterprises.

Interview of the President "Incombank" V.Vinogradova, vice-president "Sembank" A.Zhdanova, Deputy General Director of "The Bridge" S.Zvereva about the situation on the interbank market on the eve of the second round of presidential elections, the alleged victory of Boris Yeltsin in the second round of elections.

Fragment of video conference "Moscow - Washington":

Deputy U.S. Treasury for International Affairs D.Sheyfer said the impact of presidential elections on foreign investment in Russian economy.

Leading talk about doing business with foreign partners: the organizational challenges of transnational corporation on the diamond, "De Beers", the decision of the joint mining venture "Catoca" to begin development of a new diamond deposits in Angola, the problems in the jewelry industry in Russia.

Jewelry store in the UAE.

Russian jewelry factory - diamonds, jewelers work.

President MPFTK "Jewellery Works" A.Barbariush said about the problems in the industry.

Jewelers work - different plans.

Jewelry - bracelets, icons, earrings, etc.

Jewelers treated diamonds.

The story about the conflict between the air traffic controllers and the Ministry of Transport, caused by the Decree of the Russian government to transfer all powers to the Ministry of air traffic control in the country.

Says Deputy Prime Minister of Russia O.Lobov.

Military plane takes off, the plane performs aerobatics.

Passengers at the airport - different plans.

Passenger aircraft at the airfield.

Interview of Russian Minister of Transport N.Tsaha.

Aircraft on the airfield, planes in the air.

Overview of the situation in financial markets; rates.

T.Ivanovskaya E.Kochergin and talk about the upcoming meeting of the "Big Seven" in Lyon, which shall take part, Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Photo Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Archive of "Business Russia": Chirac down the ramp, at the meeting.

Report on forest fires in France - the trees are burning, firefighters are working, the plane drops water.

The plot of the film director Sergei Bodrov Sr., and his film "Prisoner of the Caucasus."

S.Bodrov group of cinematographers, receives a prize.

Fragment from the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus."

Interview S.Bodrova.

Advertising of products and services.


Kochergin E. -- speaker Ivanovskaya T. -- speaker Bodrov S.V. -- film director, screenwriter Hansen D. -- World Bank chief economist Vinogradov V. -- President "Incombank" Cah N. -- Russian Minister of Transport Lobov O. -- First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Barbariush A. -- President MPFTK "Jewellery Works" Zhdanov A. -- Vice-President "Sembank" Zverev S. -- Deputy General Director of "The Bridge" Shirak Zh. -- French President




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