Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Daily production of information and analytical software.

Leading E.Starostina S.Sergunin and in the studio.

Topics of issue:

"How long will survive the current government - the sensational statements Lebedev";

"The Fate of Agrarian Reform in Russia - Russian meeting of agricultural workers of Russia";

"The problem of corruption in the Interior - a special report", and other news reports.

Leading talk about the speech at a press briefing the Secretary of the Security Council under the Russian President Lebedev, statements of resignation B of the current government after the elections, the principles of forming a new government, and so on, the opinion of Viktor Chernomyrdin to change the structure of government.

Leading the participation of Viktor Chernomyrdin said at the Lyon meeting of the Group of Seven, the main themes of the summit.

Stand, are the leaders of the Group of Seven.

The story of the national conference of agricultural workers on the program of stabilization and development of agro-industrial complex.

Courtroom, the presidium.

Speakers - Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and others

Listening in the audience.

Interview of the Minister of Agriculture of Russia V.Hlystuna.

The story of the meeting of the Board of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Russia on the further development of the federal network of Chambers of Commerce.

Participants of the meeting, the President of Russian Chamber of Commerce serves S.Smirnov.

Among the participants of the meeting - P.G.Bunich.

Interview S.Smirnova.

Leading talk about the World Bank loan, a Russian aluminum producers.

Meeting of the Association of the Ural aluminum producers and consumers, established as an alternative to the company "Alkur."

Ural aluminum plant - the territory; shop.

The meeting in the hall, the initiator of creation of Association - Director General Theological A.Sysuev aluminum smelter.

Participants during a break.

Palace of Culture JSC "BAZ".

The story of being held in Sokolniki exhibition of Russian manufacturers and users of packaging materials "Rosupak-96."

The stands of the exhibition, the latest equipment, visitors, and various types of food packaging, perfume, etc.

Interview with General Director of the firm "Gersun-Neva" G.Haylmana, director of the firm "foundation" S.Tomasova.

President of the Association "Sojuzupak" I.Smirenny tells about the outcome of the contest for the best clearance of goods held in the exhibition.

Packaging firm "Harmony Plus" - the winner of the contest.

The pavilion of the exhibition - the look.

Advertising of products and services.

Leading talk about the intention to publish the Russian Central Bank government bond market.

Overview of the situation on financial markets of Russia, the exchange rate, information on the establishment of a central depository.

Special report on the problem of corruption in the Interior.

Meeting in the internal affairs bodies, says Minister A.S.Kulikov.

Interview with JD, a writer A.Gurova.

Police cars on the streets of Moscow, the police pass, placing crossing guard, etc.

Head of the Information Ministry said Russia A.Furs to create its own security controls.

Buildings Police Department, the Federal Security Service (Lubyanka) and the General Prosecutor's Office.

Interview with head of the Interior S.Golitsina own safety.

Report on the streets of Moscow.

Interview with Deputy Head of the Russian Interior Ministry GUOP A.Soprykina.

Court to racketeers.

S.Golitsina the interview.

Department of Internal Affairs of the Primorsky Krai.

Interview with Deputy Head of the Russian Interior Ministry State Personnel V.Vorontsova.

Advertising of products and services.


Starostina E. -- speaker Sergunin S. -- speaker Chernomirdin V.S. -- statesman and political figure Kulikov A.S. -- Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Hlistun V.N -- Russian Minister of Agriculture Soprikin A. -- Head of the Russian Interior Ministry GUOP Voroncov V. -- Deputy Chief of the Russian Interior Ministry personnel Golicin S. -- Head of the MIA of Russia's own security Furs A. -- Head of the Information Ministry of Interior of Russia Gurov A. -- LL.D., writer Smirennij I. -- President of the Association "Sojuzupak" Hajljman G. -- CEO of the company "Gersun-Neva" Tomasov S. -- director of "Reason" Sisuev A. -- Director General Theological aluminum plant Smirnov S. -- President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Bunich P.G. -- Academician, an economist, MP




Moscow Europe Russia

Industry; Finance; Agriculture; Foreign policy; Defense and internal security; Domestic policy; Crime and Accidents