Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Morning Edition current affairs program.

The leading issue: P.Kuleshov and Zh.


Topics of issue:

"Meeting of the Group of Seven";

"The work of the tax police";

"The oil complex on the eve of the abolition of customs duties";

"The problem of cheated depositors' and other news.

The plot on the summit of the Group of Seven, which should take part Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Proceedings of the archive of "Business Russia":

Castle, flags of the participating countries of the meeting.

Go through the Group of Seven leaders.

French President Jacques Chirac says.

Viktor Chernomyrdin in the study.

Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton.

Leaders of the Group of Seven drink cocktails.

Yeltsin shaking hands with Lebedev.

Stand, are the leaders of the Group of Seven - Bill Clinton, Dzh.

Meydzhor, Kohl, Chirac, etc.

Leading talk about the 50th anniversary of the founding of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics in Sarov (Arzamas-16) of the nuclear power plants in Russia.

Nuclear power plants - taken from a helicopter.

Remote control plant; energy work.

Equipment, nuclear power plants - different plans.

The plot of the tax police to identify firms that evade taxes.

Street trading and sale of fruits, cosmetics, flowers.

Log in to the wholesale market in the Luzhniki Stadium, are merchants of the market.

Counting machine counts bills.

ZIL trucks in the shop.

The sign "The Department of Tax Police of Russia.

Office of the city of Moscow. "

Press Conference of Head of B.Dobrushkina.

Comments a correspondent of "Business Russia" O.Babaeva.

Leading talk about foreign investments in the projects "Sakhalin-1" and "Sakhalin-2";

the requirement of the oil company "Rosneft" to renegotiate the contract for the project "Sakhalin-3".

Guest studio - the president of oil company "Rosneft" A.Putilov speaks about the role of foreign partners in developing Russian oil fields, the sale of shares in companies.


Agalakova tells Interbank Financial House, about the August 1995 crisis.

Proceedings of the archive of "Business Russia":

Customer Service in the Savings Bank and other banks in Russia.

Interview with Chairman of the Board of Directors of the IDF G.Tosumyana problems in the banking system.

Bank employees are working.

The meeting of shareholders of the Interbank Financial House.

The plot of the defrauded depositors - and Zh.

Agalakovoy P.Kuleshova comments.

A report from Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar.

Rostov-on-Don city streets, passers-by.

Signs of companies' stock-shop "," Russian House Selenga, "" Enabank. "

Highway, road sign, "Krasnodar region".

Buildings Administration of the Krasnodar Territory, the bank, the prosecutor's office.

Types of Rostov-on-Don.

City pawnshop, the pawnshop visitors.

Closed pawnshop.

The building of the Rostov City Hall.

Interview of the Chairman of the Committee for Property Management in Rostov-on-Don V.Fedoruschenko to create a fund to protect depositors.

Payment of compensation to defrauded investors.

Overview of the situation in financial markets; exchange rate.

Advertising of products and services.


Putilov A.E -- President of "Rosneft" Dobrushkin B.S. -- Head of the Federal Tax Police Service of Russia in Moscow Eljcin B.N. -- statesman and political figure Lebedj A.I -- political and military leader Klinton B. -- U.S. President Shirak Zh. -- French President Mejdzhor Dzh. -- British Prime Minister Kolj G -- German Chancellor Tosumyan G. -- Chairman of the Board of Directors of Interbank Financial House Fedoruschenko V -- Chairman of the Committee for Property Management in Rostov-on-Don Agalakova Zh. -- speaker Kuleshov P. B. -- TV presenter, actor




Europe Russia Moscow Krasnodar Rostov-on-Don


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Industry; Finance; Transportation; Science; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Defense and internal security; Domestic policy; Crime and Accidents