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Reel №1 The "Flow"

"The visit of China in Russia".

Materials Euro News:

The meeting and talks President Jiang Zemin and Boris Yeltsin.

Meeting of the leader of China in Moscow - Viktor Chernomyrdin and Jiang Zemin are on the field aerodrome a parade of honor, talk Chinese and Russian officials.

Military exercises of CIS troops.

April 22, 1997 - Meeting of Boris Yeltsin and Jiang Zemin in Moscow.

"Violations of the use of budget allocations"

Parliament building in the center of Moscow.

The sign "The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Council of the Federation. "

Parliamentary hearings on the violations in the use of budget allocations identified Audit Chamber of Russia.

The speakers, listening - different plans.

Chairperson of the Audit Chamber of Russia H.M.Karmokov.

Internal Revenue Service building, sign "State Tax Service of the Russian Federation."

Reporting in the spring Moscow: buildings, pedestrians, vehicles, signs of banks "Hermes", "GML", "bridge bank"; FSB building in Lubyanka; embankment of the Moscow River, the Kremlin, the Government House (White House) - different plans.

"Birthday of Lenin."

Correspondent talks with counterpart Vladimir Lenin.

Red Square, Lenin's Mausoleum.

The demonstration dedicated to the 127th anniversary of Lenin's birth.

Performs double Lenin (synchronously).

"Reports of Karachay-Cherkessia."

Landscapes of Karachay-Cherkessia - mountains covered with snow, flying eagle


Grazing flock of sheep.

Interview imam Karachaevsk A-K.Bayramukova about the situation in the republic.

Muslims pray.

Mountain landscape.

"The conflict between the" Coca-Cola "and the Russian firm" Hot key ".

Bottling of mineral water in the plant.

Press conference of representatives of the company "Hot Key", dedicated to the prosecution of Coca-Cola to use its trademark.

Truck company Coca-Cola.

Industrial bottling of natural mineral water in the factory of the company "Hot key" in New Jersey.

Products from Coca-Cola.

Signing of documents by representatives of the company Coca-Cola.

Press conference of "Hot Key".

"Annie Girardot."

Paris in the spring - outdoor cafe, the Eiffel Tower.

Meeting at the airport A.Zhirardo Magnitogorsk (snowing).

Applauding spectators in the theater.

A.Zhirardo speaking at the award ceremony "Nick".

Theater lobby im.E.Vahtangova, the audience in the hall before the performance.

Scenes from "The Falls Zambezi" involving A.Zhirardo.

Photos A.Zhirardo.

"Games of schoolboys of the Krasnoyarsk Territory."

Types Turuhanska - snow-covered streets, farmhouses, fishing barges in the snow, people on the street, a historic building, the men on snowmobiles, dog sleds.

The wooden building of the airport, flying a helicopter.

School sports Turuhanskogo district of Krasnoyarsk region in national sports.

"The release of hostages in Peru."

Materials Euro News:

Special units of the Peruvian military carried out a special operation to storm the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Lima and the release of the hostages, which for four months detained terrorists.

Peru's President A.Fuhimori communicates with the hostages after their release.

"The accession of Hong Kong to China."

Preparing to return to the territory of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty - the arrival of the Chinese army units in Hong Kong.

"Bulgaria after the elections"

Materials Euro News:

Demonstration in support of democratic forces unit, who won the election.

Speeches of the block.

"The closing of aviation consortium" Fokker ".

The story of the Dutch aircraft manufacturer "Fokker" and its bankruptcy.


Eljcin B.N. -- statesman and politician Czyan Czeminj -- statesman and political figure of China Chernomirdin V.S. -- statesman and politician Karmokov H.M. -- Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Russia Zhirardo A. -- French actress Fuhimori A. -- President of Peru




Russia Moscow China Hong Kong Bulgaria Netherlands Peru

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Sport; Defense and internal security; Ecology; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Domestic policy; Religion