Reports on Russia. (1997)

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Scene №1 Reports on Russia

Panoramic movie about religion, folk crafts of Russia.

Kremlin Embankment, a pleasure boat floats on the Moscow River.

Kremlin: the Great Belltower.

The fountain in the park.

High-rise building.

The Admiralty building in St.


Seagull flying over the Neva.

Flying over the Russian city.

Carousel on the town square, people on the carousel.

Fair on the street.

Clay toys.

folk ensemble playing in the meadow.

River landscape.


The shore of the river.

The village street.

Carved wooden houses.

Powered carver.

Painted wooden dolls, finished dolls.

Handicrafts in the house.

Girls in national Russian sundresses with wreaths on their heads in a birch grove.

The cabby drove through the streets of the village of Palekh, a car drives - removed from the top of the church.

Working artists, painting, Palekh boxes.


Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye.

Autumn Alley.

The lake in the woods.

Gzhel products.

On stage, playing folk ensemble.

House Masters - a monument of wooden architecture of the 19th century in Kaluga.

Products made of clay.

Wicker products.

Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

Church of St.

Sergius with a refectory.

The dome of the temple, the interior of the temple, the candles are lit, the parishioners in the church.

Performs folk ensemble.

Holiday costumed procession through the streets, watching the people of the city.

Pop Playground domes against the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.


Matreshka trays.

Hunters sit on the steppe, is prey.

Plants of the river.

They run deer, river flows.

A herd of deer.




The tractor in his career.

Washed rock gold mining.

The village, rides off-road.

Cracked earth.

Plate: the church in honor of the holy Trinity.

Breed on the conveyor.

Workers drilled rock.

The village at dusk, at night.

Travel by road in the rain.

Winter: The wooden church in the Far East.

passing vehicles.

Are the horses.

Boots in the house.

Stack of firewood.

Locals play a musical instrument, embroidered with beads, treated with fur, dancing.

Passing deer, harnessed to a sled.

Manufacture of glass, painted items, ready figures.

Jewelry with diamonds and sapphires.

Kremlin buildings.

Embankment of the Moskva River.

Kremlin Embankment.

Pleasure boat on the Moscow River.


Passers-by on the street driven carriage with a baby.

Square, the Bolshoi Theatre fountain bed of tulips.

A sculpture of Peter I on the Moscow River.

Activities in the park attractions.

Krimsky Bridge, sailing pleasure craft.

The observation deck on the Sparrow Hills.

The building of the Kiev railway station.

The building of Government House (White House).

High-rise building.

Triumphal Arch on Kutuzov Avenue.

Memorial on Poklonnaya Hill.

City Hall (the former CMEA), a girl rides on the rollers.


Hotel "International".

Novy Arbat.

Traffic, type of hotel "Ukraine" - removed from the top point.

Bird market in Moscow.

Rowing canoe.

The motion of the train station on the metro bridge on the street.

Panorama of Moscow from the top point.

Novodevichy Convent.

People in the park.

Ducks on the water, children are fed the swans and ducks.

Foliage in the alleys of the park in early autumn.

Swinging a child on a swing.


Showcase products with Russian folk art.

Painted boxes of Palekh.

The branch of mountain ash.


General plan of Moscow.

The building of the Foreign Ministry.

Arbat pedestrian street.

Entrance to the subway.

Trading in the metro.

The hotel "Russia".

Spassky tower chimes.

Pashkov House.

Lenin Library.

People at the fountain.

Patriarch's Ponds.

Mothers with children in the park.

Ostankino Tower.



Squirrel in the park.

Pond in the Tsarina.

The bride and groom on the observation platform, and ride in a cart.

The train arrives at the station.

The area of ​​the three stations, the building of the Kazan railway station.

Taxi to the area, people get in a taxi.

Tverskaya Street.

The driver of the cab trolleybus.

Types of the Kremlin.

The clock on the Spassky tower.


Basil's Cathedral, the monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

Red Square.

Kazan Cathedral.

People at the hotel "Russia".

Petrovsky Monastery in Moscow.

Temples of Moscow.


High-rise buildings.

The sculpture of Mercury from Hammerovskogo center.

The building of the KGB (FSB) in Lubyanka Square.


Children play in the yard.

Building RIA "Novosti" on Zubovsky Boulevard.

Sculpture on Gagarin Square.

The building of the circus on Vernadsky Prospekt.

The building of Moscow State University on Lenin Hills.


View from the lookout.

Novodevichy Convent in winter.

Cars in the yard in the snow.

Tram rides.

The building of the Planetarium.


Pushkin Square, a monument to Alexander Pushkin.

Ice-cream "Penguin."

The Tretyakov Gallery.

Winter streets of Moscow.

Kremlin Embankment.

Moscow River in the winter.

Circus Bear playing in the street.

Poster of "Happy New Year."

New Moscow.

New Year's in the Kremlin.

Runs on three.


Night of the Kremlin plan, Novy Arbat, travel on the New Arbat, the promenade.


Panorama of the city at night.

Key words

The peoples of the North Christmas tree in the Kremlin Folk Art Craftsmen




Moscow Russia


Summer [824] Autumn [826] Evening [829] Night [830]

Transportation; Culture and Arts; Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life; Religion