Annals of half a century, year 1962. (1962)

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Director: Swan B.

Script writers: Zagorski A. Barmina N. Kolpakov, M.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.

Text writers: Zagorski A.

Reel №1 Annals of half a century, year 1962

General plan of Moscow from the top point.

Cinema "Russia" in Pushkin Square - from the top point.

Passers-by on the streets of Moscow.

People buy newspapers at a kiosk.

The first edition of the newspaper "Pravda" dated 22/04/1912 of the year.

Portrait V.Lenina.

Different versions of "Truth."

10th years.: Working in the shop reading the newspaper.

A police officer disperses workers on the street.

The boy passes the newspaper man, a policeman approaches.

The building is publishing "The Truth" in Moscow.

The shop, printing newspapers, running a printing press.

Worker reads "Truth."

The overall plan for typography.

Packaging papers, preparation of matrices for distribution to different cities.

The building is publishing "The Truth" in the evening.

Car rides with the word "newspaper" Pravda ".

The newspapers are loaded into the plane.

Plan an evening theater fare.

People buy and read newspapers.

People in socialist countries are reading "Truth" on the street, in the Cafe.

Sales of newspapers abroad, "Truth" on the counter.

Illuminated letters: "Forward to victory of communism" in the building.

The monument to Karl Marx.

CBC building.

CBC lobby, pass people.

Escalator, refreshments, view of the cathedrals of the Kremlin from the windows of PDR.

Empty auditorium PDR.

Audio remote control.

Work on Iron and Steel Works, the staff, Paul Tsereteli K.Grushetsky, I.Dzhordaniya, N.Andreev.

Rolling mill.

V.Redko excavator working on the Kursk magnetic anomaly.

The general plan of KMA.

Chukotka, landscapes, geologists looking for gold.

Mine name Aleskerova running automated dredge.

Taiga, the river Lena.

Oil production in the forest.

Oil industry in Azerbaijan in the north.

14 Congress of the Komsomol in the CDS: applaud, face the delegates.

Union shock Komsomol construction Talnakh: car ride at night, people go in a blizzard, a poster, Komsomol work, drill rock.

Norilsk: plan the city center, a monument to Lenin Square, a professor Urvantsev talking with students on the street.

Photos Urvantsev.

The wooden houses.


Laboratory Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna.

Academician Landau in his office with a book.

Interview with L. Landau (synchronously).

Scientists N.Basov A.Prohorov and in the laboratory.

Quantum Radio Engineering, laboratory, using a laser, laser devices.

Cosmonauts Nikolayev up the stairs into the ship, before the start.

Astronaut P.Popovich: start, in flight, meeting on the ground.

Astronauts are on the red carpet, passing in an open car, the Mausoleum at the Yuri Gagarin and G.Titovym.

Meeting A.Nikolaeva in his native village in Chuvashia.

Meeting P.Popovicha with his family in Ukraine, Popovich is on the field.

Herd of horses at the river at dawn.

Meadows and fields.

The pipeline Bukhara - Ural: laying pipes.

Uch-Kurgan HPP - high-altitude station in Kyrgyzstan.

Irrigation in the steppes of Uzbekistan, the construction of the Karakum Canal, opening of the channel, the flow of water, meeting, people's faces.

Cleaning of cotton, a female tractor driver, strewed cotton.

Cleaning grain harvesters in the field, strewed grain harvest at night.

Laying the road roller on the village in the Kuban.

Cars in the garage.

Shooting from a helicopter of the village.

Shower, bathroom in the farmhouse.

Chefs in the kitchen in the dining room.

People dine at tables in the dining room.

Seamstress scribbling on the sewing machine, trying on dresses in the shop.

The wedding, the newlyweds are, groom plants a tree in the garden.

Apartment house.

Five-story buildings, new settlers traveling.

A woman washes the window unload things.

Children are washed under a shower outdoors in kindergarten.

Students go to school.

Travel down the street past the movie theater "missile," the restaurant.

Flying over the city.

Construction of the house.

Passers-by in the face.

Measure the woman's coat.

Fashion show, models on the catwalk, a children's fashion.

People read in the courtroom.


Vacationers to the sea in a rocking chair, seascape, surf, swim people.

Tourists pass.

Photographed by tourists.

Dance ensemble "Birch", landscapes of the middle band.

E.Gilels pianist in the Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory, people listen.

Africa: a demonstration, slave labor, starving children, clashes with the police, the fight for independence in Algeria, riots, destruction of, meetings.

Photo of a Soviet soldier who was killed in Algeria.

The graves of Soviet soldiers in Europe.

The grave of a Soviet soldier Fyodor Poletayev in the mountains of Italy.

House in the Ryazan region, a smithy, landscapes, fields.

Travel on a mountain road in Italy.

Town of Cantalupo in Liguria.

They say the Italian people.

Are the members of the guerrilla group, comrades Poletayev.

His wife and son Poletaeva on the grave.

Theodore Street in Genoa.

Construction of the ship "Fyodor Poletayev" in Genoa.

Little grandson Poletaeva in a cradle.

NATO maneuvers.

The meeting of military representatives of NATO member-states.

USA, New York.

Statue of Liberty.

The American military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Teachings of the American Navy.

Rallies in Japan, UK, USA, clashes with police.

B.Rassel with the demonstrators against the deployment of U.S. military bases.

Are arrested.

Moscow: The World Congress for General Disarmament and Peace.

Performs D.Bernel.

Statements by the delegates.

Says G.Titov (synchronously).

Listen to the delegates.

B.Gagarin among the delegates in the hall.

Landscape middle zone, birch grove.


An elderly woman puts flowers at the monument.

Military aircraft in the sky, the pilot in the cockpit.

Iron and Steel Works.


Fishing boats in the sea.

The grape harvest.

Athlete jumps high.

Young people go through.

He runs the boy with a balloon.

Mother and child in the meadow.

Mother and daughter in his arms, kissing a girl, standing beside his father.


Key words

Overview of events for 1962


Landau L. -- academician Popovich P. -- Cosmonaut Nikolaev A. -- Cosmonaut Gagarin Yu. -- Cosmonaut Gileljs E. -- musician, pianist Titov G. -- Cosmonaut


1962 1967 1910th - Working in the shop reading the newspaper. 1910th - Police disperse the workers on the street. 1910th - A boy passes a newspaper man, a policeman approaches.


Moscow The USSR Italy Algeria USA Cuba

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