Business Russia (1997)

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Scene №1 The "Business News"

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The main investors of the Russian economy: Switzerland (plans of the city - the Swiss bank, Swiss nature), the island of Cyprus - travel along the coast, the streets;

Moscow - city streets, view from the monument to Peter I on the embankment to the Gorky Park Gorky.

Attraction "Buran" in the park - the owner of the company SENTRACO.

Ilya says Manik - President SENTRACO.

Paul says Kiselev - Gorky Park Gorky Director (co-founder of the attraction).

Airliners, owned SENTRACO.

The plot of ratification in the Duma contract to the European Energy Charter Treaty: Meeting the State Duma, meeting the European Commission in Belgium.

Russian power plants: power lines, remote control hydroelectric power plants.

The building of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy in Moscow.

The span over the gas plants and torches.

The story about the beginning of reconstruction in the Chechen Republic:

The flag of Ichkeria.

City after the war: destroyed, burned houses, destroyed the bridge, crows take to the skies against the backdrop of destroyed homes, military vehicles on the street, people in the civilian with automatic weapons on the edge, "Tank hedgehog" at the entrance to the city.

Says Irina Hakamada, Pavel Medvedev - State Duma deputy, Vakha Arsanov - Vice-President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Lechi Umhaeva - Chairman HPD "Daymoh."

Lobby the State Duma.

Hall meeting at the Federation Council.

Beginning in the metro Leninsky Prospekt "October."

The plot of the employment market for graduates of universities and other educational institutions.

Interview with Gennady Melikyan - Minister of Labour and Social Development.

Young people in the city, the Mining Institute, a lecture at the university, teaching a computer class, I.Gorodilovoy interview, the director of public employment, "TRIZ", the exchange of employment for young people, cut with ads from employers.

The story about Saudi Arabia: the people in the desert, life, interviews Hamad Abdullah Al Zamil, - Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce.

A meeting of businessmen from Saudi Arabia in Moscow with local businessmen.

Oil rigs at sea, the camels, the children in the classroom with headphones, travel on the night outdoors.

The plot of the WTO: R.Rudzhero - head of the organization, telecommunications, telephones Erickson.

The trial of the king of the copper market in Japan - Humanako.

The decrease in the price of international tickets American Airlines: takeoff and landing aircraft of foreign airlines, pilots in the cockpit.

Exhibition of the British royal stamp: an exhibition of all, brands, D.Chan actor on the show.

Press Conference of Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Russian Interior Minister A.Kulikova, there I.Shabdurasulov: Tax Code and payment of taxes population.

Journalists at the press conference.

Press Conference A.Livshitsa, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

Traffic on the streets of Moscow.

The plot on the outcome of the tax police in 1996: Building the wholesale market.

Representatives of the tax police, the building of the General Prosecutor's Office, the building of the State Tax Service, an interview with Popov - a member of the Board of State Tax Service, RF, grocery store - customer service behind the counter.

Repeats the story of Chechnya.

The plot of the Constitutional Court to abolish the government of introducing an additional licensing fees, storage of alcoholic products: sign on the building of the Constitutional Court, the factory of alcoholic beverages - spilling vodka bottles, labeling, belt conveyor, the sale of alcohol in the commercial tent, different kinds of vodka in the window.

Press conference at RIA Novosti President of Russian Association of International Carriers Yuri Sukhina.

The story of Korea: people on the streets.

The story of Hong Kong: Hong Kong financial exchanges work, operating room, jobbers, bidding.

Streets of Hong Kong.

Shanghai Stock Exchange - the operating room, bidding the scoreboard.

Directions to Shanghai.

Flag of the Russian Federation on the building of the embassy.

The new industrial area of ​​Shanghai.

The story about the prospects of NATO exercises, technique, says Madeleine Albright, U.S. secretary of state, meeting with political leaders.

Cuba: People on the streets, on the beach.

Round Table.

Various meetings Madeleine Albright.

Reindeer herding - Sami (Scandinavia).

North, reindeer, animals, herds of reindeer, the Sami settlement: housing, shops.

The plot of the Netherlands: Swine Fever.

Japan: vending coffee, drinks, etc.

The introduction of an additional tax on expensive acquisitions.

People in automobile showrooms.

The Japanese supermarket.

Overview report about aviation - industrial complex "Dry": aircraft display, demonstrative flights.

Aircraft factories in other cities of Russia.

Norilsk Mining - Metallurgical Plant.

Interview with Mayor of Norilsk - V.Tkacheva.

Meeting of the State Duma.

Jobs company "Norilsk Nickel": smelting of metal, red-hot iron, the plant, work in the shops.

Overview on the state of the banking system in Russia: Moscow banks: Sberbank, Alfa Bank, the bank "Russian Credit", the Central Bank.

Customer service at the bank, the work of cashiers (large - say the money).

Interview with Vladislav Pershin - Director of SBS to work with clients.

Meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy, speaking P.Rodionov.

Fuel and energy complex (FEC).

International Finance Company: association with "Onexim bank."

S. Osenyagov - CEO of IFC.

The work of the bank.

S.Osenyagov says.

Report of New York.

The flu virus is in Moscow: press reviews, hospital, pharmacy (the problem of shortage of domestic medicines).

Says N.Miroshnik - special correspondent of "Business Russia" - in the pharmacy.

People at the pharmacy.

Case of dollars (video).

Building a casino in Moscow.

Says V. Bryntsalov - the owner of a pharmaceutical company.

Interview elderly Muscovites on the street.

Advertise with imported drugs.

Buildings in Moscow pharmacies.

Says A.Ryabova - zam.gen.direktora JSC "Farmsnabsbyt."

Repeats the story of British stamps.

The story about China's economic reforms: a parade of troops, the people on the streets, evening plans, wipers, portraits of leaders of China on the street.

The story about the economy of Spain on the eve of the transition to the euro: Trading on the Madrid Stock Exchange, the company Telefonica, Spain's flag, the Central Bank.

The plot of the Eurocurrency: Bundesbank, pouring brands, the work of the bank, currency exchange rates.

Losses from piracy in various countries around the world.

The problem of mad cow disease: meeting the European Commission, hang the carcass in a meat factory, meat, a supermarket in Europe, the cows to pasture in the Netherlands.

Repeats the story of Switzerland and Cyprus.

Repeats the story of the attraction "Buran".

China: newsreels - Chinese leaders, harvesting.

The streets of China, police, bystanders, shops, and the crowd on the street, and agriculture.

A business center of China.

People on the street.

Petrochemical industry in China.

Cyclists on the streets of China.

Travel through the city.


Dispersal of student demonstrations in China.

Newsreel: Deng Xiaoping.

Photos of Deng Xiaoping.

Says the daughter of Deng Xiaoping, Deng Syaopsun.


Kiselev P. -- director of Gorky Park. Bitter Hakamada I. -- politician and statesman Melikjyan G. -- statesman Kulikov A. -- statesman Livshic A. -- statesman Olbrajt M. -- U.S. Secretary of State Tkachev V. -- statesman Rodionov P. -- statesman Brincalov V. -- entrepreneur

Calendar: 1997

Locations: Switzerland [212] Cyprus [58] Moscow [820] Chechnya Korea [117] Hong Kong Cuba [57] China [46] Netherlands [155] Japan [112] USA (New York) Spain (Madrid) United Kingdom

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