Plots of "Our Style". (1994)

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Scene №1 Plots of "Our Style"

Leading the program - Olga Novikova.

The building "Palace Hotel".

The hotel entrance, lobby, reception, stairs, interior, hotel, swimming pool, restaurant, food on the table, the bartender at the bar, the doormen.

The interior of the private shop "Crown of Paris," says store owner E.Kolontay.

Gallery "Roza Azora": different dolls, says gallery director E.Yazykova,

Moscow a special art and design office: working cabinets design bureau, said V.A.Loznitsa - author of the design project oven, various objects of design, says I.P.Gubkin - chief designer of office.

The designer A.Grekov: models before the show, the audience, fashion show of men's and women's clothes on the catwalk.

The designer T.Akimova: fashion show on the main staircase journalism of Moscow State University.

Tverskaya Street, the view of the fast food restaurant "McDonald's", people at the tables, the interiors.

The story of a food processor: the designer at work in the design office, interview the designer, the demonstration of a food processor.

The story of the barber shop "Wella": interior barber shop, a barber makes a man's haircut, ladies haircut, make-up.

Faberge's workshop: the master at work, various articles, interviews, expert.

Hotel "Metropol": exterior, photos, interior of the hotel and restaurant.

Restaurant "Silver Age": the entrance to the restaurant interiors.

Fitness Center "World class": entrance, exercise room, visitors, swimming pool, an interview with Olga Slutsker - owner of the center, bar, sports shop.

Ulitsa Petrovka, a panorama of the Petrovsky Passage: interiors, buyers.

2nd Watch Factory: building, shop, watch the work of artists, says factory worker and products.

Audience. gathered to show A.Barteneva near the exit of the subway (evening), bottled cocktails in the lobby of metro station, buffet, the words "Ptuch" extravagant display models, said A.Bartenev show in the metro.

The exhibition "Fashion-94": stand with men's shoes, interviews organizer of the exhibition, showing women's and children's models on the catwalk, exhibition booths with products textile and light industry, showing the male models.

Stand on the company's "Levis": range of shops, a variety of jeans.

Demonstration of female models on the catwalk show.

The story about the artist V.Pronine: paintings, says the man (in English), an artist at work

Pronin said, the pictures.

STB - the bank "Capital": the interior of the bank, the employees at work.

Embankment of the Moskva River.

Historic building in downtown Moscow.

The Orthodox church.

The street of the city, the movement of vehicles.

Ancient buildings, iron grilles and balconies of different homes.

The story about hats: an interview passers-by on the street, different hats in the studio, says the owner of the studio.

Theater "on board": the auditorium, the stage.

The plot of the fireplaces.

Manufacture of rattan furniture.

Salon hairstyles: the selection of hairstyles on your computer.

Key words

Underground Fashion Design


Slucker O. -- president of network fitness clubs Pronin V. -- artist Bartenev A. -- designer






Spring [825] Winter [823]

Social life; Industry; Culture and Arts