China. (1993 - 1997)

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Scene №1 China

People in the area of ​​Beijing.

Cleaner streets.

The interior of the building: ceiling lamps.

Garment factory :: shop workers, the finished product with a label.

The street of the city, cars, travel through the streets, cyclists, rickshaw.

Slums: the dirt on the street a woman washing dishes, standing next to a Chinese boy.

The modern building on the square.

The street of the city.

The Chinese cook and eat on the street.

Unloading meat from the machine.

Selling products on the street, sit sellers.

Report of the city.

Pass the Chinese pioneers.

The area with the old shacks.

Chinese frozen meat cuts.



Clothing market, the Russian "shuttle traders" in the market.

Ancient pagoda, elements of the building, park, sculpture.

Great Wall of China.

Travel by car along a mountain road.

mountain landscape.

A Chinese man carries a bundle of firewood.

A ruined wall.

A modern city.


Bicycle parking.

Customers with goods from the shelves at the mall.

Selling TVs. toys and others in the shopping center.

People in the department store.

Trade clothing, calculators, telephones, alarm clocks, shoes.

Parking of bicycles.

reportage on the street.

The old chair on the street.

Trade in vegetables and fruit on the street.

Buyers in the market.

Chinese police.

The building of the restaurant.

Travel down the street.

The building of the Russian Embassy to the Russian flag.

The train on the highway.

Modern buildings and the poor neighborhoods of the city.

Movement of vehicles on the street.

Report of the city.

The correspondent in the Chinese home, the interior of the room.

Mothers with children in the street.

Travel down the street.

Highway traffic.

At home on the outskirts of Beijing, the construction of residential houses.

How to get on the highway.

A man flies a kite in the area of ​​Beijing.

Portrait of Mao Zedong.


Women wearing masks and protective clothing on the street.

White Rabbit on the street.

Fruit on the counter market.

Unloading bags.

Shoe Repair in the street.




Beijing (China)


Winter [823]

Towns and countries