Not a sin to be rich. (1990 - 1999)

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Movie №1 Not a sin to be rich

The sun in the sky.

Arab in national dress sitting on the sand dunes in the desert.

Drives a car.

Omar Sharif in the car says about the film.

The car rides on the road.



Panorama of the Arab village.

Modern views of the city, skyscrapers.

Views of the City (above).

The boat on the water.

Skyscrapers on the shore.

Omar Sharif in a helicopter.

The helicopter takes off.

Map of the Middle East.


Types of urban Arab Emirates.

The ancient buildings.

Says the head of the Department of Economic Development of Dubai, Mohammed Al Abbar.


A fisherman on the boat.

Modern apartment house interiors.


The Arab way of life.

Modern streets, skyscrapers.

The interior of the business center.

Panorama of skyscrapers.

Arab goes out of the building, sits in the car.

Modern fishermen on the boat.


Fishermen lift boat.

Modern fisherman drinking coffee on the boat.

Skyscrapers on the shore.


The caravan of camels.

With the caravan are men, and children.

Planes in the sky.

The taxi driver near the "Mercedes."

Smoking, talking on the phone.


A taxi driver gets the car.


Rides on the dunes in the desert.

Stops at the Palms.

Drinking water.

Stops near a group of children.

Shakes hands with a man.

The driver of a taxi on the streets today.

Cars on the streets.



The Arab way of life.

Men, women and children by the fire.


Says Omar Sharif.


Pray to the Arabs.


Man rides a donkey.

The car in the desert.


The Arab village.

Says the man in the mosque.

Seascape, skyscrapers, modern buildings on the shore.

Anver said the banker Kuayum Cher.

Says Habib Mohammed Al Redya.


The Arabs welcomed Sheikh.

Grazing camels.

Sheik talks.

The Arab way of life.

Woman at the well, taking on water, attaches to the saddle donkey.


Camels drink.

A man watering the trees.

Fountains on the streets of Arab cities.

Omar Sharif says on the background of the fountain.

Seascapes and fields.

Views of the City.

Grazing deer.


It takes a giraffe.

Are the llamas.

Birds on the lake.


Creation of agricultural crops.

Says Omar Sharif.


Education in the Arab school.

Teacher with students in a hut.

Says Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Sheikh Nahyan bin Mabarak.


Children read books.

Plays a military band.

Drives a car.

Are the girls in school uniform.

Sheikh appeals to students.

Students and teachers applauded.

The lesson in the class for girls.

Boys march.

Pass-girl senior pupils.

Khalaf Al Habtoor says.

A Lesson in girls' school.

Girls on the computers.

Says Omar Sharif against the university.

Students surveyors in practice.


Students, young men in national dress.

Computer class, young men at their computers.

Says Amin al-Sayyed.


Collectors dive for pearls.

Omar Sharif, near the ocean.

Boats on the shore.

Jewellery stores.

Gold Jewellery.

Women in national costumes are considering decorating.

Omar Sharif in the boat under construction.

The men build a boat.

Camels at the Bedouin village.


Bedouin way of life.

Women with children.


The man with the child.

Says the historian Gertrude Dick.

Modern clinic.

Patients in the corridors.

It takes a woman doctor.

Nurses with a newborn.

The doctor passes women in childbirth.

Mountain landscape, the road in the mountains.

New cars, modern cars.


The Arab village.


Men bathe in the pool.

Agricultural production.

The owner shows greenhouses, cattle, his house.

The interior of the house.

Dine men with boys, sitting on the floor.

Bowl of rice balls in his hands.


The plane on the runway, takes off.


Arabian horse.

Omar Sharif, near the horse.

Says Omar Sharif.

Night club.

Visitors at the club dancing.

Says Omar Sharif.

Children on the carousel.

Woman with kids at the mall.

Feast on the street.

Men play a musical instrument.

Dancing girls.

Says Omar Sharif, dressed in Arab clothing national, sitting next to the Arabs, staring representation.

Says an Arab girl.



Arab wedding.

Omar Sharif among the guests at the table, he said.

Girls on the computers.

Rich Arab House, Interior.

The women drink tea.


Evening city street, passers-by.

Construction of the house, working.

Auto Show, people are examining the car.

Shopping center, visitors.

Says Omar Sharif.

A fragment of the film.


Sit sheikhs negotiations.

Men play a musical instrument, dance.

Says Omar Sharif.

Sheikh sits, talking male visitors.

Omar Sharif in the wilderness, by the fountains.

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Omar Sharif -- actor




Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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