Naina Yeltsina in Ufa (1990-1999)

Footage №23192, 1 footage, duration: 0:32:53

Scene №1 Naina Yeltsina in Ufa

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Girls and boys in national costumes at the airport of Ufa.

Taxis the aircraft.

Descend the ladder, Boris and Naina Yeltsin.

Boris Yeltsin and Yeltsin brings glasses and bread.

Murtaza Rakhimov close to Yeltsin.

Yeltsin talks with the Islamic cleric.

Dancing girls in national costumes.

Watching Boris Yeltsin and M. Rakhimov.

Children give flowers, B. and N. Yeltsin.

Naina Yeltsin in Ufa school.

Talking with students.

Talking with the director.

Talking with teachers.

Naina Yeltsin, in a museum.

Antique household items: dishes, a samovar, a cradle and so on.

Folk costumes.

Yeltsin greets with the Museum staff.

Inspect the exhibits, listening to the guide.

Leave guestbook.

Yeltsin is present at the city celebration.

Boys pulls the rope.

Yeltsin talks with the girls.

Clap girls in national costumes.

The boys, sitting on a log, beat each other bags, trying to push the logs.

Yeltsin watching the game.

The audience laugh.

The struggle.

The fight between the boys.

Looks Yeltsin.

Yeltsin goes to the stadium, talking with children.

The struggle.

Looks Yeltsin.

People at the festival.

Girls in national costumes from rockers - the competition.

On stage, dancing girls in national costumes.

Looks Yeltsin.

Viewing audience.

The plate number of the polling station.

Are the people.

Naina Yeltsin goes to the maintainers.

Talking with residents.

Naina Yeltsin visits the rehab center.

Talking to a doctor.

Patients are in the gym.

Naina Yeltsin in clinic.

Rooms, medical equipment.

Swimming pool, swim patients.

Building rehabilitation center.

It turns out Naina Yeltsin.

She greeted people.

People on the street.

Yeltsin attend ballet school.

Girls in dance costumes give flowers Yeltsin.

Naina Yeltsin talking with the teacher.


Boris Eljcin Naina Eljcina Murtaza Rahimov -- President of Bashkortostan

Calendar: 90th

Locations: Ufa, Bashkortostan

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