Entertainment in Moscow (1990-1999)

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Scene №1 Entertainment in Moscow

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Old Arbat.

Walking people.

Play music.

A teenager with a dog.


Play music.

Listen people.


The buildings on the Old Arbat.

Paintings for sale.

The girl on the horse.

People on the Old Arbat.

Panorama of Moscow (top).


Moscow Zoo.

Tiger in a cage.

Visitors watch a fence.




Watch the kids.

Tverskaya Street, the store, "Natasha."

Opening the theater Obraztsova.

The lobby of the theater, the audience.

Presentation on the scene.

Metro Prospekt Mira.

People come out of the train.

Station "Chekhov."

People in the car.

People on the platforms.

The building of the Moscow Hippodrome.


Spectators in the stands.

Indoor Stadium.

Runners on the tracks.

Pole vault.



Jumping into the water.

Synchronized swimming.


The game of football (the children).

Cafe "Russian bistro."

People at the tables.

Fashion show by Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

Fashion models on the catwalk.

The sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl".

People at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements.


People ride in a catamaran on the lake.

Fountain "Friendship of Peoples."

Ostankino Tower.


Shrine of Holy Trinity Church in Ostankino.


Cafe "Pizza Hut".

Travel to Moscow.

"Hermes" in Sovincenter.

Interior view of Sovincenter.

The restaurant, the people at the tables.

People on the streets.

House of Artists.

People at the exhibition.

Paintings and sculptures.

General plan of Moscow.

Seagull flying over the pond.

People walk in the park.

Pictures of street artists.

Kuskovo estate.

The buildings of the manor complex sculptures.

Theatre Lenk, posters.

Performance on the stage (Alexander Lazarev Jr..

On stage).

The new MAT.

The tram-restaurant Anushka.

The hotel "Savoy".



Cards on the table.


The show on stage.

Plays a musician.

Sung by Dmitry Malikov.

Dancing crowd.

Key words

Architecture, Entertainment


Aleksandr Lazarev-mladshij -- theater and film actor Dmitrij Malikov -- musician

Calendar: 90th

Locations: Moscow, Russia

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