We went cruises ... (A page from the track pad Galina Sazonova). (1996)

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Movie №1 We went cruises ... (A page from the track pad Galina Sazonova)

Panorama of Murmansk port.

Says a correspondent Galina Smirnova.

Panorama of port and urban areas.

The atomic icebreaker "Yamal" at the pier.

Tourists on the beach.

Tourists climb aboard the icebreaker.

The helicopter sits on the helipad.

Icebreaker is towed from the port.

Tourists in the premises of an icebreaker.

Engine room.

Control panel.

The nose is an icebreaker.

The sailors on board.

The team at work.

Barents Sea, the waves diverge.

Panorama of the bay Silent in the ice.

Rubini Rock - panorama.

Bird Bazaar - a lot of birds in the "clutches" of the mountain.

Icebreaker is on the ice - ice blocks from the nose icebreaker.

Tourists in the mess - a holiday of Neptune.

Costume show on the deck.

Contests, tug of war.

Tourists are photographed on the deck.

Cape Flora on Franz Josef Land.

Flying a helicopter.

Types of the cape.

The sea of ​​ice.

Helicopter flies over the sea.

Tourists descend into the boat with an icebreaker.

Walruses in the sea.

Tourists in boat.

Walruses swim in the water.

Icebreaker is on the ice.

The team and the tourists on board the icebreaker - arrival at the North Pole.

Captain of a "wheel".


The captain talks to tourists.

Tourists with glasses of champagne, clink.

Tourists and crew down to the shore.

Lead ice dance.

Said the chief engineer of Icebreaker.

Tourists skate, play a round dance.

Swimming in the ocean.

Says a tourist from America.

Polar bears on ice.

The ice cliff.

The waves beat against the rocks.

Helicopter above the glacier.

Snow-covered mountains.

Cliffs near the water.

The stony ground, creek.

Abandoned boat on the shore.

The waves beat against the rocks.

The vegetation, the flowers on the rocky shore.

Tourists gather herbs, and flowers.

Tourists in the recreation room on board the icebreaker.

Sing on stage at the mess.

She sings and plays a musical instrument American duo.

Applauding spectators.

Interview with an American tourist.

Girls dance on stage.

Land with buildings (from a helicopter).

The indigenous population in northern homes.

An elderly woman with children.

Land (from the helicopter).

The icebreaker in the ice.

Helicopter over the icebreaker.

Passage to Murmansk.

Port of Murmansk.

Panorama of the port, ships laid up.

Seagull in the sky.


Tourists on the beach, climb aboard.

The ice at the side of the icebreaker.

Passage to Murmansk.

Panorama of the port.

Key words

icebreaker, the north polar region




Murmansk, North Pole, Russia

Ecology; Towns and countries