China (1989)

Footage №23432, 1 footage, duration: 1:44:48

Scene №1 China

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Bracket with Chinese wear (coats).

China's soft toys.

Garment factory, seamstresses at work in the shop.

The production of shoes in a shoe factory.

The building with the flag.

How to get on the highway.

The river, the field.

The river at sunset.

How to get on the highway at dusk.

How to get past the buildings along the highway.

On the way to passing trucks, trishaw.

The river, the trees near the river at sunset.

Evening city, traffic, tall buildings, highways, pedestrians, illuminated signs.

Travel through the city to Beijing.

Kitchen Chinese restaurant: cooking of the dough, visitors eat in the street.

The various dishes in a pan and eat Chinese.

The hotel's interior, an escalator in the lobby, restaurant, the waiters are the Chinese floor vases, fountains, a snowman and Christmas tree.

The street of the city, visible pagoda.

Report on the streets of Beijing.

Pagoda on the bank of the ditch in the fog.


Residents of the city on bicycles.

People at the rink.

The building of the temple.

Pray for people on the street.

Directions to the evening streets.

Report on the evening streets.

Street trading cards, food.

Mannequins in a store window.

Bikes on the street.


Cafes, the people at the tables.

Showcase of fruit.

Directions to the evening streets.

Market Street, the counter with the goods: gifts, hats, shirts, jewelry, toys, panda.

Buddhist temple, hit a seated person.

Kids in the schoolyard.


Souvenir shop: beads, vases and figurines.

The shop confectionery: production of sweets, chocolate paste, etc.; products factory on the table.

Directions to the street.

The rally in Tiananmen Square, people with posters and red flags in connection with the visit of Mikhail Gorbachev to China.


Meeting Gorbachev and Raisa Gorbacheva with Chinese leaders round table, playing, Deng Xiaoping, toast.

Key words

Gorbachev in China


Den Syaopin -- Chinese politician Gorbachev M.S. Gorbacheva R.M.

Calendar: 1989

Locations: China, Beijing

Seasons: Spring [825] Day [828] Night [830]

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