The political situation in the USSR. (1989 - 1990)

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Scene №1 The political situation in the USSR

02.1990: How to get the car through the streets of Stepanakert, in front of the machine goes to the soldiers.

Military test cars on the road.

Travel by road.

Cab helicopter pilot, instrument panel, flying over the terrain.

Planes at the airport.

A soldier in the tank.

The plane in the sky is the landing, the Yak-40 at the airport.

Tents for military airfield.

The helicopter makes a landing.

Military equipment.

The helicopter at the airfield.

How to get around the city.

Monument to Lenin, military equipment in the area.

The military in the city.

Civilians on the streets.

Party slogans on buildings.

Police cars.

A sign on the building, "Stepanakert City Committee" (CPSU).

Story military passes on the street Stepanakert.

Passers-by on the street.

The area of ​​the city, a poster with a picture of Marx - Engels - Lenin.

Drying clothes on the balconies of the houses.

Stella "Stepanakert" at the entrance to the city.

Inspection of transport at the entrance to the city.

Stepanakert Electrical Works: Building, gate (Rainbow), an empty shop.

Inspection of the vehicle on the road.

On the way, are the soldiers of the Russian army, the soldiers walking person, people watching from the windows at the passers-by.

Empty shops of the plant.

Two girls driven sled ride down the hills.

The bus with the words "TV" with punched windows.

Empty the hardware, a television technician.

Empty shop factories.

Poster "The people and the party united" on the street.

The street of the city, the traffic.

Soldiers and civilians on the streets.

The school building.

Empty classes.

The lock on the door shoe store.


People in the store with empty shelves.

Trade in chickens from the car, money in the hands of the people.

05/09/1989: Square, the Bolshoi Theater, gathered in the square.

Tulips on a bed, a fountain.

Meeting of World War II veterans in the park.

Sings and plays guitar, a young man with medals on his chest.

Plays a veteran of the accordion and singing people.

Sit veterans.

Gorky Park Gorky: are men.

The boat on the Moscow River.

People go to the Crimean bridge.

Fountain, the people at the fountain, a panorama of leisure in the park.

A meeting of veterans in the park.

Plaques with the names and titles of parts.

They say veterans.

A woman feeding a child in the park.

A girl weaving a wreath.

Ferris wheel in Gorky Park.

23/02/1989: Meeting of war, he stands with the hotel "Moscow", the speakers on the platform, the people at the rally at the Manege Square, the slogan "People and army are one!", Sung by the military.

The overall plan for the rally at the Manege Square.

On the platform stands O.Kalugin.

People at the rally chanting "Down with the KGB."

Ambulance, police car, the soldiers.

The Kremlin, Historical Museum building.

Are the military.

Flag of the Soviet Union.

20/05/1989: The meeting in Luzhniki.

Yeltsin is in the crowd.

Those present at the rally chanting "sugar."

It is necessary to Sakharov.

Yeltsin welcomed the people from the rostrum.

T.Gdlyan, G.Popov, Boris Yeltsin, Ales, and others on the podium.

Yeltsin stands (synchronous) to criticize the government.

Performs a writer Ales (synchronously).

Performs A.Saharov (synchronously).

Priest advocates Yakunin (synchronously).

Read the statements.

Yeltsin talks with reporters.

Key words

Interethnic conflicts Social and political life


Eljcin B.N. Kalugin O.D. -- social and political activist, former KGB Major General Saharov A.D. -- physicist, academician and social activist Adamovich A.M. -- writer Gdlyan T.H. Yakunin G.




Nagorno-Karabakh, Stepanakert (Nagorno-Karabakh) Moscow


Winter [823] Spring [825]

Defense and internal security; Domestic policy