25th anniversary of "Mongolrostsvetmet". (1998)

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Scene №1 25th anniversary of "Mongolrostsvetmet"

Mongol on horseback.

Girls in national costumes on the nature

dance Russian dance.

Landing aircraft.

Out of the plane, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, greets encountered.

Flags of Russia and Mongolia.

Igor Ivanov says the Russian-Mongolian relations (synchronously).

The plane is parked.

Russian experts arrived on the 25th anniversary of "Mongolrostsvetmet" at the airport of Ulan Bator.

Russian official says the company.

Travel along the roads of Mongolia.

How to get around the city of Ulan Bator.

Ulan Bator - removed from the top point.

Igor Ivanov and his Mongolian counterpart at the meeting.

Said a representative of the Mongolian side.

Explosions rock in the quarry.

Work on the production of nonferrous metals in the enterprise "Mongolrostsvetmet."

The descent into the mine on the elevator.

Breed in the car, on the conveyor.

Ingots of gold on the table, pours a golden sand.

Says a member of the association of the company for the extraction of gold and coal (in the shop).

The head of the joint association "Mongolrostsvetmet" from the Mongolian side gives an interview in his office.

The samples were extracted rock on the desk in his office.

Director of the Russian factories for processing ore (from the Russian side) gives an interview in his office.

Corps of the plant.

Moving conveyor belt with the breed.

Work at the plant.

Passage of mine, drilling, moving trucks.

Says Miner.

They say the plant employees.

How to get on the highway.

The settlement in the steppe.

Mine production of gold of three companies: "Zarubezhtsvetmet", "Erdenet" and "Mongolrostsvetmet" Russian officer, talks about the mine.

Work on a gold mine.

Says a representative of the Mongolian mine.

The solemn meeting devoted to 25th anniversary of "Mongolrostsvetmet": the speakers are present in the hall, a concert of Mongolian artists.

Mongolian singer and Russian singer performing the song "Lavender."

Palace of Sports.

The national struggle in the room, the audience in the hall, said the Mongolian and Russian audiences.

Igor Ivanov says (synchronously).

Said a representative of the Mongolian side.

Mongol on horseback in the desert.

Train "Ulan Bator - Moscow" arrives to the platform station in Moscow, greeters.

Directions to the evening Moscow: Novy Arbat, Sofia embankment.

View of the Kremlin in the evening.

Key words

Russia-Mongolia Joint Ventures Extractive industry


Ivanov I.S. -- statesman, diplomat




Ulan Bator, Mongolia Moscow


Winter [823]

Industry; Transportation; Culture and Arts; Towns and countries; Foreign policy