"From the AMO ZIL up" (1974)

Documentary №23518, 1 part, duration: 0:28:07

Reel №1 "From the AMO ZIL up"

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Buses, trucks and cars on the streets of Moscow - the different plans.

Newsreel 1919 1920gg.:

Drive through the streets of Moscow carts drawn by horses, foreign cars (summer).

Photos garages AMO.

1924 - Factory Shops "AMO", working for the assembly of the vehicle

The first trucks "AMO-F15 'pass from the plant on the Red Square.

The rally in Red Square.

1929-1931 years. - Construction of new buildings of the plant, "AMO"

The director of "AYO" I.A.Lihachev and People's Commissar Ordzhonikidze speak at a rally dedicated to the launch of a new automobile, "AMO".

1931-1940 years. - Production of cars in the shops of the plant - different plans.

Passing trucks.

Assembly shop - there are buses, "ZIS-8" and "VMS-16."

Assembling cars "ZIS-101."

Cars "ZIS-101" on the streets of Moscow.

Trucks "ZIS-5" to pass his career, loading grain trucks.

In 1941-1945. - Explosion.

Jet setting "Katyusha", mounted on a special truck that is created on the basis of the model "VMS-6"

Firing "Katyusha".

Evacuation of equipment works - passing freight trains.

The work of the factory in the rear.

Release of vehicles for the front.

Release of defense products (shells, mines) in Moscow shops of the plant during World War II - are women, teenagers.

Personnel fighting - shoot guns.

Victory Day parade 1945 - Nazi soldiers throw flags in the bottom of the mausoleum of Lenin.

Meeting of soldiers returning from war - different plans.

Jubilant people in Red Square.

1945-1950gg. - Designers are working on the car class, "ZIS-110."

Cars "ZIS-110" on the streets of Moscow.

1947-1958gg. - Building a new truck assembly line, "ZIS-150."

Passing trucks, "ZIS-150" and "VMS-151."

Footage on the activities of the factory director I.A.Lihacheva:

I.A.Lihachev talking to engineers and designers of the plant, the plant in the shop.

Monument I.A.Lihacheva at the plant.

1955-1961gg. - The first Soviet coach, "ZIL-127 'passes through the streets of Moscow.

Passing city buses, "ZIL".

The production truck "ZIL-164" and "ZIL-164A"

Passenger car "ZIL-111 'passes through the city streets.

Truck "ZIL-157" off-road rides.

Drives truck "ZIL-130."

Panorama of the plant - from the top point.

The monument to Lenin in the area; plaque to visit Lenin plant in 1918.

The painting "Lenin with workers."

Land and buildings of the plant (summer) - different plans.

Corps foundries plant.

Manufacturing processes using complex mechanization in the foundry, workers are working.

Production processes in the forge.

Machine shop, working the press-machines.

Production processes with the latest technology in various departments of the plant.

The central control tower assembly plant, computer center of the plant, working professionals.

Freight trains with production plants branches ZIL.

Work trucks, unloading of freight cars.

Building on the conveyor millionth car "ZIL-130."

A solemn meeting.

Director General of the association "ZIL" P.D.Borodin presents state awards to employees of the plant.

From the factory gates escorted by motorcycle leaves one millionth ZIL-130.

Assembly plant factory.

Truck-tractor "ZIL-131" rides on a hilly terrain, off road, on the water.

Passing cars, first-class "ZIL-114" and "ZIL-117."

Passenger buses "ZIL-118K" on the highway, passengers in the cabin.

Passing trucks experimental models, "ZIL".

On the way to passing trucks "Kamaz" different versions

Testing of new models of trucks, "ZIL-133."

Construction of new facilities - assembling vehicle bodies.

Production processes in the shops - different plans.

Trucks in the "ZIL" - are, pass.


Lihachev I.A. -- organizer of the Soviet automobile industry, the director of AMO Borodin P.D. -- general director of "ZIL"

Calendar: 1974 1918-1965 - The history of AYO - ZIL 1919-1921 - Moscow 1941-1945 - Evacuation of the factory "ZIL", working at a defense plant, Victory Parade, meeting veterans

Locations: The USSR

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