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Reel №1 The "flow"

"The regular session of the State Duma"

Deputies in the meeting room on the podium - Yavlinsky.

Interview with Chairman of the Duma G.Selezneva (spoke about the work, to discuss the budget).

The deputies at the meeting.

Interview with Communist Party leader Zyuganov - talks about the new tax policy of the government, to invest.

The deputies at the meeting, among them - Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Mr.

Nikolay Rizhkov etc.

Interview of the Chairman of the parliamentary group "Russian regions" V.S.Medvedeva.

"Reform of the Armed Forces of Russia."

Moscow - The Kremlin, Spassky Tower, St.

Basil's Cathedral, Tverskaya Street, passing cars.

The military unit, the soldiers pass.

Military aircraft in the air.

Military exercises.

Military town - houses, children play.

Platoon of soldiers marching.

Flying a military helicopter, landing paratroopers.

Soldiers in combat exercises.

"Dekulakization" Gazprom ".

Map of Russia's gas supply.

Chairman of RAO "Gazprom" R.Vyahirev office.

The building of "Gazprom".

Table of debt "Gazprom" for taxation and accounts receivable.

Press Conference R.Vyahireva.

"The results of the presidential elections in the administration of the Leningrad Region"

Election poster with the candidates for the post of governor of the Leningrad region.

Governor A.Belyakov communicate with voters.

The new governor of V.A.Gustov in the campaign office, talking with a reporter.

Voting at polling stations - different plans.

Using the polling stations of special electronic machines.

Counting of votes at a polling station.

"The election results in the Rostov region"

Pointer "Rostov region."

Types of Rostov-on-Don.

The building of regional administration.

Acting Head of Administration of the Rostov region V.F.Chub receives a certificate candidate for Governor Don in the upcoming elections, giving an interview.

Candidate for Governor L.A.Ivanchenko communicates with voters favor.

Election posters in the streets of Rostov-on-Don.

Types of Rostov; port; enterprises of Rostov-on-Don: JSC "Donmakaronprom" plant "Rubin."

Mr Vladimir Chub at the opening of the exhibition "Rosvertol."

Types of Rostov-on-Don.

Pre-election article in the newspaper.

The editors of the newspaper "The Hammer."

Interview with Chief Editor of "The Hammer" E.Tagirovoy.

Pre-election demonstrations.

The consequences of the hurricane in Rostov-on-Don, on the eve of election day - broken trees, the rain.

Voting at polling stations and counting of votes.

"Meeting in the Ministry of Education on the restructuring of management on the basis of Presidential Decree of August 14, 1996."

Building the Russian State Committee on Higher Education.

The meeting in the hall.

Speakers at the podium.

Interview with Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation A.Asmolova.

Buildings on the Sparrow Hills, Moscow State University and Moss Street, Monument Lomonosov.


Students in class at the centers of information.

Meeting at the Ministry of Education.

Interview A.Asmolova.

International Exhibition "Learning Technology, 96" at the Nizhny Novgorod Fair.

Exhibition Complex, the flags of the participating countries.

Booths and exhibits - training equipment, facilities and laboratories, classrooms, toys, designers, multimedia technology.

Interview with the director of the exhibition Igor Smirnov.

Customers and experts on the show.

"Air Show in Gelendzhik - the first international exhibition and conference on hydro."

Airshow, seaplanes different brands, participants and guests of the air show, exhibition halls and stands.

"Unusual motorist from Saratov"

Video of M.A.Medvedeve - motorists, inventor, brought together a unique car.

M.A.Medvedev in his car drives through the streets of Saratov, watching pedestrians.

Interview M.A.Medvedeva.

"Exhibition of Achievements of the prison farm in Saratov"

Exhibits - construction materials, pipes, shoes, fishing gear and other products made by prisoners in Saratov prison.

Inmates working in manufacturing plants - different plans.

Aircraft parts destined to be melted.

Stroller in retro style, made prisoners by special order.

Wooden spinning, bread bins, rolling pins, furniture, stairs, ladders and other products made by prisoners of the colonies.

The church on the territory of the Saratov Colony number 33, built his hands of prisoners.

"1st International Cartoon Contest" Big Wash "in Saratov.

The exhibition, visitors guide.

Interview with an organizer of the exhibition, the artist A.Dyakova.

"The introduction of state control over the production of vodka in Tatarstan."

Bottling of beverages at the plant, a bottle of vodka on the conveyor.

The closed shop distilleries.

Press Conference of First Vice Prime Minister of Tatarstan R.Muratova.

Sales of vodka and wine in stores.

Types of Naberezhnye - Square, sculpture, street, residential area on the banks of the Kama.

"Preparing for the winter in Norilsk."

Report of the city - streets, transportation, and industrial enterprises.

Norilsk, the winter of 1995 - the consequences of accidents on the CHP.

Repair of heating systems and replacement of equipment in the boiler.

The exhibition "Necropolis-96."

Show ritual supplies - coffins, wreaths, urns, crosses, monuments and other samples.

Interview with representatives of the funeral firm.

"Closing" bistro "in France."

In the glasses poured beer, wine, cocktails - different plans.

Visitors to the cafe.

Interviews visitors.

Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe.

The streets of Paris, transport passes, the policeman on the street

Closed bistro.

Interview with Chairman of the Association of Owners bistro.

Visitors to the famous cafe "Two MAGO» («Les Deux Magots") and other fast food restaurants.

Interview with visitors and bartender.

Types of Breton village.

Visitors to the bistro.

Interview with the mayor and owner of the cafe.

Passers-by on the street, a man is baguettes.

"Interview with the Head of Administration of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug A.NAZAROV."

A.Nazarov said the draft budget of 1997, the need for the abolition of financial and other benefits to certain regions.

"Interview with the Head of Administration of Tver Region V.Platonova."

V.Platonov speaks about the role of the presidential administration and the governor control system.

"Interview with the Head of Administration of Altai Territory L.Korshunova"

V.Korshunov says the gubernatorial election, gives an estimate of the prospects of the country out of crisis.

Governors Meeting at the headquarters of the party "Our Home - Russia."


Seleznev G.N. -- statesman and political figure Zyuganov G.A. -- statesman and political figure, leader of the Communist Party Medvedev V.S. -- statesman of the Russian Federation Vyahirev R.I. -- industrialist, statesman Belyakov A. -- Governor of Leningrad Region Gustov V.A. -- Governor of Leningrad Region Chub V.F. -- statesman, head of the Administration of Rostov Region Asmolov A.G. -- academician, scientist, politician Djyakov A. -- artist - cartoonist Muratov R. -- First Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Nazarov A. -- Head of Administration of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Platonov V. -- Head of the Administration of Tver Region Korshunov L. -- Head of Administration of Altai Territory




Russia Moscow St. Petersburg Rostov-on-Don Nizhny Novgorod Gelendzhik Saratov RT Naberezhnye Norilsk France

Industry; Transportation; Education; Media; Culture and Arts; Defense and internal security; Disasters; Towns and countries; Domestic policy; Crime and Accidents; Religion