Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Daily production of current affairs program.

Leading - M.Solntsev and Zh.


Topics of issue:

"Formation of the Russian government";

"Mad cow disease - comments on the air";

"Mobile phones and health of their owners", and other news reports.

Comments leading to the new government of Russia.

Viktor Chernomyrdin holds a cabinet meeting on the economic situation in the country.

Report on the concept of the budget in 1997.

House of the Russian government (White House), the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Assumption Cathedral, Ivan the Great Bell.

Archive of "Business Russia" - Speaking at the press conference, Finance Minister V.G.Panskova.

The chimes of the Spassky Tower, Novy Arbat, high-rise building, a report on the streets of Moscow.

Shop "Products", a shop «Yves Rocher» (Yves Rocher), a cafe, "McDonald's"; casino advertising on the streets, the building of the Central Bank.

Press Conference of Minister of Economy E.Yasina.

Buildings "Incombank" Bank "Menatep", the building of the Ministry of Finance.

The heading "Comments on the air."

Guest Program - Head of banknotes and expertise to combat counterfeiting of Bank of Russia V.Finogenov talks about the fight against counterfeiters, shows fake banknotes Russian rubles and dollars.

Report on the turnover of cash in Russia, the presidential decree on the action to streamline the collection of income tax and insurance payments to individuals.

Visitors to the bank.

Embankment of the Moskva River, the Kremlin.

Bank employees are working.

Man finds money in the bank, customers in the bank.

The building of the Bank of Russia's credit, high-rise buildings, traffic on the Garden Ring (summer).

Ruble and dollar bills.

An employee of the bank verifies the authenticity of banknotes on the detector.

People on the streets of Moscow.

Member banks work - different plans.

The hands count money; machine considers bills.

Overview of the situation in financial markets; exchange rate.

Angola - a report on the situation in the country during the civil war.

Report on Competition in the arms market in Europe.

Air Force Base, a military aircraft assembly plant, the plane lands on the deck of an aircraft carrier, missile launcher, run the military experts of the company, "Thompson» (Thomson).

Different types of modern military equipment; maneuvers.

Report on the BSE, the EU arms embargo on the export of British beef.

Sick cow.

Cook the meat cooks.

Newsstand, a man buys a newspaper.

Articles about BSE.

Cutting of carcasses in a meat factory.

Speech by British Prime Minister John Major in the parliament.

Trays of meat in the store.

Cows on the farm.

Bottling milk at the creamery.

Grazing sheep.

Showcases with meat in the supermarket.

Interview with Acting Chairman of the State Committee Onishchenko about the possibility of contaminated meat entering the Russian market.

Report on the impact of mobile phones on human health.

The measurement of electromagnetic radiation cell phone.

Interview with Academician, President of the Center for Electromagnetic Safety Yu.

Grigoreva about the dangers of cellular phones on health.

Various plans for talking on cell phones.

Cell phones of different brands.

Head of the cellular "Beeline" S.Morozov, deputy director of the Moscow Cellular Yu.

Hromov talk about unsubstantiated claims about the dangers of cell phones.

Sales of cellular phones, people talking on a cell phone - different plans.

Advertising of products and services.

Key words

Things to Do in Moscow Report on the Moscow


Chernomirdin V.S. -- state and economic activity Grigorjev Yu. -- Academician, President of the Center for Electromagnetic Safety Onischenko G.G. -- Russia's chief sanitary doctor Mejdzhor D. -- British Prime Minister Finogenov V. -- Head of the examination of banknotes the Bank of Russia Yasin E.G. -- Minister of Economy of Russia Panskov V.G. -- Finance Minister




Russia Moscow Angola Europe United Kingdom


Summer [824] Day [828]

Finance; Agriculture; Media; Defense and internal security; Health; Towns and countries; Wars, conflicts and disasters; Domestic policy; Crime and Accidents