Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Daily production of current affairs program.

Leading - Zh.

Agalakova M.Solntsev and in the studio.

Topics of issue:

"22 commercial banks have no license and begin the financial crisis in the fall?";

"Russia's North on a starvation diet - comments on the air";

"How much is the war in Chechnya?";

"Brilliance and poverty" Ferein ";

"Russian spare parts for foreign cars", and other news reports.

Comments about deprivation of the leading commercial bank licenses to tighten up the Central Bank, the introduction of "standard risk their own bill of obligations', the position of Minister of Finance A.Livshitsa.

Press Conference of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Russia A.Livshitsa on budget.

Embankment of the Moskva River, the Kremlin, the White House, the building of the Moscow mayor's office, people on the streets of Moscow.

The building of the Central Bank, the Foreign Ministry building, transport on the Garden Ring.

Industrial plant.

A.Livshits says.

Comments on the leading issues in the payment of salaries and pensions in the country.

Report a problem "Northern delivery."

Comments presenters.

Loading and unloading at the port of petroleum products and food to the North.

Interview guest program, the chairman of the Duma Committee on Problems of the North V.Gomana about the social and economic problems in the Russian North

Press Conference Secretary of the Security Council A.I.Lebedya before traveling to Chechnya.

Destroyed houses in Chechnya, the workers dismantled debris.

Chechen women have destroyed homes.

Pass, run over by armed soldiers.

The bodies of those killed.

Lebed says.

Tank passes.

The wounded on stretchers, medical staff.

A soldier carries a child in her arms.

People are fleeing to the shelter.

Lights up the building.

Spilled oil, oil tanks destroyed.

Men get their arms.

Armored vehicles on city streets.

Pass refugees.

The destroyed building.

Lebed speaks to journalists.

The story of gold mining in Chukotka.

Landscape of Chukotka, passing trucks.

The aircraft on the airfield, the passengers down the stairs.

Opencast gold mill.

Closed Iultin plant.

Miners washed sand, grains of gold.

Polyarninsky GOK - an area quarry.

Mine, are working.

Mining of gold.

Interview with General Director of Mining Polyarninskogo R.Isakova.

Children at the school in the village, the village street.

Gold-bearing rock in the mine.

The quarry works a bulldozer, a water cannon.

Interview with Chief Geologist Mining Polyarninskogo V.Shustova.

Report on the financial situation of the company "Ferein" after the presidential election.

The owner of a pharmaceutical company "Ferein" candidate for president of Russia V.A.Bryntsalov talking to reporters.

The building of the plant "Ferein."

V.Bryntsalov stands from the rostrum.

Interview with former employees of JSC "Ferein."

Bottles of vodka on a conveyor belt factory.

VA. Bryntsalov acts, talks with voters, and co-workers.

Shop for the production of drugs.

Election poster with the pictures of presidential candidates.

People go to the polling station.

V.Bryntsalov and his wife told (said to drink wine at dinner worth 5000 dollars, etc.).

V.Bryntsalov talks with officials, giving an interview.

An overview of financial news, the exchange rate.

Report on the production of spare parts for foreign cars at Russian enterprises.

Spare parts - different plans.

Press conference of representatives of the German holding company "Profuna" who are preparing orders.

Foundries plant "KAMAZ"; work steelworkers.

Interview with General Director of "Profuna" H.Zasa.

Report on problems in the production of domestic computers.

Outdated computer equipment - UCS, Best.

Personal computers.

Assembling computers from imported components.

Interview of the President of STC "KAMI" (KAMI) A.B.Remizova.

Build circuits, computers from imported components.

Interview with General Director of the CPI (Information promotional company) G.E.Sizonenko.

Personal computers at the exhibition.

Interview with one of the company's "Compulink" (Sompulink) M.Lyascha.

The plot, on the death of "Titanic."

The newspaper in 1912, photographs of "Titanic."

Fragments of the "Titanic" at the bottom of the sea.

Items with "Titanic", a mock ship on display in the museum.

Paintings depicting the "Titanic."

"The consequences of the collapse of the tanker" Sea Empress "off the coast of South Wales."

February 1996 - Sinking the tanker into the sea.

Oil spilled from the tanker on the coast, members of the cleaning crews shoveled oil, killed birds.

Operates special equipment - different plans.

Key words

Report on the Moscow


Livshic A.Ya. -- statesman, economist Goman V. -- Chairman of the Duma Committee on Problems of the North Isakov R. -- Director General of Mining Polyarninskogo Brincalov V.A. -- businessman, politician Remizov A.B. -- Corresponding member of RANS Sizonenko G.E. -- CEO of CPI




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Industry; Finance; Defense and internal security; Ecology; Disasters; Social life; Wars, conflicts and disasters; Domestic policy