Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Daily production of current affairs program.

In the studio - and the leading E.Starostina M.Solntsev.

Topics of issue:

"The economic results of the five";

"Russia's population continues to decline - comments on the air";

"How much is the war in Chechnya";

"Brilliance and poverty" Ferein ";

"Motor Show - 96", and other news reports.

Comments on leading fifth anniversary of the August 1991 coup that led to a collapse of the Soviet Union.

Overview of the Russian economy in 5 years.

Viktor Chernomyrdin, Chubais, A.Shohin, Boris Yeltsin, R.Hasbulatov and other members of the government at the meetings.

On the platform stands the Minister of Economy of Russia Yegor Gaidar.

All in the shop "Dry."

Customers in the food store, the price tags on food products.

The newspaper "Job."

Minister of Culture Yu.

Solomin viewing documents.

Yegor Gaidar says.

MPs at a meeting of the State Duma.

Comments leading to the development of Russian economy, the new market system.

Comments M.Solntseva leading to reduce the population of Russia.

Interview guest program - Deputy Chairman of Russian State Statistics Committee V.Sokolina on the causes of population decline.

Comments E.Starostinoy to form a new Cabinet.

Report correspondent G.Solomatina complete disappearance of the public money in the Chechen war.

Passing armored vehicles.

The wounded on stretchers.

Soldiers running with the baby in her arms, people hide in the shelter.

Smoke from a fire over the roofs of houses.

Spilled oil; neftekachka works, oil spilled from a broken pipe.

Chechen refugees.

Men get their arms.

Armoured personnel carriers on the streets of Grozny, the ruined building.

People carry buckets, jerry cans with water.

On the situation in Chechnya, said at a press conference, Russian Security Council Secretary A.I.Lebed.

Journalists at the press conference.

Report on the financial situation of the company "Ferein" after the presidential election.

The owner of a pharmaceutical company "Ferein" candidate for president of Russia V.A.Bryntsalov talking to reporters.

Placards with the results of the preliminary results of the presidential election.

The building of the plant "Ferein."

V.Bryntsalov stands from the rostrum.

Interview with former employees of JSC "Ferein."

Bottles of vodka on a conveyor belt factory.

VA. Bryntsalov acts, talks with voters, and co-workers.

Shop for the production of drugs.

V.Bryntsalov talking to a journalist.

Election poster with the pictures of presidential candidates.

People go to the polling station.

V.Bryntsalov gives interviews.

Former employee of JSC "Ferein" means non-payment of wages, the mass care of people with the company.

V.Bryntsalov and his wife talking with a reporter.

Report on Combating low quality alcohol products in the Bryansk region.

The laboratory staff conducting research confiscated alcoholic beverages.

Interview with the head of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Department of the Bryansk L.Trapeznikovoy.

Bryansk Street - passing cars and parking.

Closed commercial kiosks.

Building Center of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision of the Bryansk region.

A certificate for alcoholic products.

Interview with residents of Bryansk.

Turn to the reception desk of glass.

Buyers from commercial stalls.

Interview I.Avramova entrepreneur.

The shop and wine distillery, bottle of vodka on the conveyor.

Checking the quality of alcohol in the laboratory.

Bottles of vodka on the counter of the store, on the factory assembly line.

Announcement of the story on the impact of mobile phones on human health.

Report on the final preparations before the opening of the exhibition "Motor Show - 96."

Employees of companies around cars on the stands.

Cars presented at the exhibition: "Mercedes SLK"; different models of cars, "Ford", "Volvo V-40", "Tatra-700."

The new model "Honda", "Chrysler", "Nissan".

Stands "Saab", "Chevrolet", "VAZ", "GAS".

Show cars in front of the pavilion of the exhibition "Gazelle", "KAMAZ", "ZIL".

"Moskvich-2142" and other modern cars on the show floor.

Vintage cars on display.

Overview of the situation in financial markets; rates.

Comments on the results of the leading Russian delegation's visit to the IMF.

Report on economic and political situation in Jordan, created by the reforms undertaken by King Hussein, on the recommendation of the International Monetary Fund.

Riots in the streets.

Baking bread for the bread queue.

People on the streets, shoppers in the store.

King Hussein told.

The streets of Amman, armored vehicles and soldiers on the streets.

Video of the International Red Cross Committee to ban the production, export and use of antipersonnel mines.


Gajdar E.T. Chernomirdin V.S. Brincalov V.A. Husejn ben Talal -- King of Jordan


August 21, 1996 1991-1996


Moscow Chechnya Bryansk Jordan

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Defense and internal security; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Social life; Wars, conflicts and disasters; Domestic policy