Refugees ... A few fragments of recent history. (1990 - 1995)

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Reel №1 Refugees ... A few fragments of recent history

Fundraising for the benefit of refugees in Russia, organized by the Congress of Russian Communities.

Internally displaced refugees in a transit point.

On the way to passing cars with refugees.

Chairman of the Board of the International Congress of Russian Communities D. Rogozin said on refugees.

May 1990 - Mikhail Gorbachev and other members of the government on the rostrum of the Mausoleum of Lenin.

Opposition Demonstrators chanting "Resign!

Resign! "

The government goes to the podium.

1991 - Demonstrations and meetings in Vilnius and Riga, in connection with the declaration of independence.

December 8, 1991 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin, President of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus S. Shushkevich, Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk at the airfield in Belarus on the eve of the signing of the agreement Bialowieza.

The road in the woods.

Corridor in the Senate of the Moscow Kremlin, sign "President Mikhail Gorbachev of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics."

December 25, 1991 - Mikhail Gorbachev signed a decree in the office, read the request to resign the president of the USSR.

Russian refugees displaced by the ship.

D. Rogozin says.

The Volga River, a wave astern the ship.

On the river bank grazing horses.

Charity event in the cities of the Volga region, organized by the International Congress of Russian Communities and other community organizations to collect donations for the refugees.

Ship with the inscription "Charity Event of the International Congress of Russian Communities" at the pier, the protesters descend from the boat, sit on the bus.

Participants of the action - Transnistria women communicate with residents of the Volga city.

Posters KRO, a poster, "Yeltsin!

Perform your first decree, or "lie down on the rails!".

Residents of the city have expressed their views on the problem of Russian refugees, the Congress of Russian Communities.

Press conference of CRC.

D. Rogozin said on the Presidential Decree on measures to protect the rights of our fellow citizens, an increasing number of refugees.

Interview with Chairman of the Women's Union in defense of Pridnestrovie S.Miguli.

D. Rogozin speaks at a meeting in the House actor - speaks of refugees from the "hot spots".

Cut up a military truck in the shop window, a bloody war behind the wheel of a fire truck.

Demonstrators held.

Chechnya - passing armored vehicles, are wounded, lie dead.

Chairman of the Union of Chechen refugees V.Markov says about the situation of the Russian population in Chechnya.

The funeral of soldiers killed in Chechen war.

Since things are refugees.

Refugees in line for bread.

It should be an old lady with a loaf of bread in his hands.

Lit candles.

Face of a little girl.

Key words

The collapse of the Soviet Union The Chechen war


Rogozin D. Gorbachev M.S. Kravchuk L. -- President of Ukraine Shushkevich S. -- Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus




Russia Vilnius Riga

Ecology; Social life; Wars, conflicts and disasters; Domestic policy