Perpetual motion (1997)

Telecast №23646, 1 part, duration: 0:26:18

Reel №1 The program Perpetuum Mobile "

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Lead transfer - Professor of Moscow State University M.Golubkov.

Topics of the program:

"Nanotechnology - the conveyor assembly of atoms"

"Plastic Graphite"

"Russian" space shuttle "

"The history of technology, inventions, discoveries,"

A fragment of sci-fi movie "The Outer Limits» (The outer limits).

Head of SRI "Delta" P.N.Luskinovich comment on the story the film tells of nanoelectronics.

Photos of the atomic structure of matter, obtained by scanning tunneling microscopy.

Laboratory of the Institute of Microelectronics and nanotechnology, in which the unit was created called "the garbage of the atoms."

Works operator; on the screen assembly process of the transistor with ultra-low "collector of atoms."

Diagram of the "nuclear garbage."

P.N.Luskinovich provides explanations and answers to questions lead to the development of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology program to change the inheritance of cotton bush, to obtain unique flexible ceramic membranes.

Laboratory work nanotechnologists.

M.Golubkov P.N.Luskinovich in the studio and discuss the theme of the possible dangers of using nanotechnology for military purposes.

News of foreign science: the fight against aphids with rock music, a new way of "aging of" jeans.

The story of the dolphin in Israel.

Sick children swim with dolphins in Eilat.

Yachts in the Red Sea.

Dolphin jumps out of the water.

Scuba divers with a dolphin at depth.

A boy swims in the back of a dolphin.

The plot of the new material - Graphlex (thermally expanded graphite)

Laboratory of Moscow State University.

Scientists are working on a Graphlex.

Products from Graphlex; Graphlex used as a sorbent.

Category "A great confrontation" - the story of the Soviet designers to create a space plane.

1975 - U.S. aircraft in the air.

Indian Ocean - on board the Soviet ship lift model of the Soviet space plane "Bor"

Developed by the Soviet aerospace engineering G.Lozino-Lozinski, the model space plane.

1960s - designers Mikoyan Design Bureau named after working on a space plane, carry out tests (the project "Spiral").

1961 - Leonid Brezhnev gives award to Yuri Gagarin.

1988: 1976. - Design and creation of an NGO "Lightning" of the Soviet space shuttle "Buran".

Booster "Energy" and kosmoplan "Buran" at the launch complex, launch, landing, "Buran".

The spacecraft "Buran" on-site attraction in Gorky Park.

Photos of the space plane "Max."

Launch space rocket.

"History of Science and Technology -" The air stretcher "

1935 - Preparation and testing of aircraft stretcher, designed by Dr.


New design a water pump, designed A.Kuskovym inventor.

Key words

Alternative Medicine
Space Exploration


Luskinovich P.N. -- Head of SRI "Delta" Golubkov M. -- Professor of Moscow State University Gagarin Yu.A. Brezhnev L.I. Lozino-Lozinskij G. -- leading developer of Soviet aviation and space technology

Calendar: 1997 60th - Creating a space plane 1961 - Awarding of Gagarin 1976-1988 - design and creation of an NGO "Lightning" of the Soviet space shuttle "Buran" 1935 - Tests of air stretcher, designed by Dr. Linhart.

Locations: Russia [1] Moscow [820] Israel [109]

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