Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Date of broadcast - October 17, 1996.

Daily production of current affairs program.

Leading E.Starostina S.Sergunin and in the studio.

Topics of issue:

"The planned meeting of the government";

"Free Trade Zones";

"The CIS - debts";

"Stavropol Territory - an interview with the governor", and other news reports.

Comments on the meeting of top government revenues devoted to the problems of budget revenues to the state treasury.

The building of the hotel "Russia", the Kremlin, the Garden Ring, Novy Arbat, passing cars.

Chernomyrdin speaks at a meeting of the government.

Interview with Viktor Chernomyrdin on the establishment of the Presidential Commission for the Consolidation of emergency fiscal and budgetary policy.

Vehicles, pedestrians on the streets of Moscow.

Sale of sweets from a tray on the street, trolley stop, transport on the Garden Ring.

Report of the debts of the CIS countries of Russia.

Comments G.Solomatina correspondent of the CIS countries - Russia debtor, of the failure of agreements concluded within the CIS.

Map of Russia and CIS countries.

Grazing horses; shore of the lake, the temple on the banks of the river.

Kremlin Embankment, the Kremlin.


Andrew's Church, a monument in Kiev B.Khmelnitsky.

Meeting of CIS Prime Ministers.

Interview of Russian Minister of Minsotrudnichestva A.Tuleeva on debtors in Russia.

Ships in the port of Nizhny Novgorod.

Workers in manufacturing plants - different plans.

Map of the USSR.

Phones government communications on the table.

The meeting of the CIS.

Government building, a monument to Lenin in Minsk.

The meeting of the Government of Belarus.

Special report on the establishment of free economic zones in Russia.

Traffic on the freeway.

Ingushetia - are sitting on a bench in older men, talking to a group of men, the flags of Russia and Ingushetia, a lamppost.

A building site, construction works rink and other equipment.

Building Chocolate Factory "Russia."

Construction sites, builders work - different plans.

The port of Nakhodka.

Area in Kaliningrad.

Free economic zone "Daura" and "Eve."

The Black Sea port.

Embankment of the Neva, the seagull flies.

"Sherrizon" - Turkish Airlines plane takes off, the plane of "Aeroflot" on the airfield.

Soviet-Chinese SEZ "Tumen" and "Heihe".

Types of Kaliningrad - the cathedral, at home.

Ships in the port of Kaliningrad.

Chechnya - shop "hot bread"; street of the city, the men and women on the streets.

The queue for food.

Interview of the Governor of the Pskov region V.Tumanova on the distribution of budget funds between the regional and federal authorities.

The plot of the new economic program of the Stavropol Territory.

Landscapes of Stavropol.

Construction of a residential home.

Meeting of the administration of Stavropol Territory on the signing of the agreement and the formation of social movements "native Stavropol region."

Interview with Governor of Stavropol Territory P.Marchenko.

Landscape Stavropol.

Construction of oil-extraction plant in Svetlograd.

Interview with General Director of Plant V.Saveleva.

Gas refueling for vehicles in the Stavropol region.

Interview with the head of administration of Pyatigorsk Yu.

Vasileva the transfer of vehicles to natural gas.

Administration Building in Stavropol Stavropol Territory, city streets.

Authorized representative of Russian President in the Stavropol Territory S.Popov says to prepare the edge for the winter period.

Village houses - withdrawn from the movement, the rural landscape.

Governor P.Marchenko a meeting with residents of Stavropol.

The plot of the Baikal-Amur Mainline.

Railroad, a freight train passes.

Press Conference of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government O.Lobova the further development of the BAM.

Passing passenger and freight trains.

Plant engineering plant.

Press Conference of the International Salon "Science - Engineering - Market"

representatives of the International Union of Engineering and the Academy of Sciences of Russia on the development of Russian engineering.

Says Vice President of the International Union of Machine Builders V.Leontev.

Manufacturing processes for engineering plant.

The plot of "Russia and NATO"

Speaking at the press conference, U.S. Defense Secretary Perry.

Military training NATO soldiers.

U.S. President Bill Clinton stands.

Military training soldiers in Poland, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Passing armored forces of NATO, a military helicopter lands.

Press conference by NATO.

The maneuvers of NATO troops.

Financial news.

Advertising of products and services.


Chernomirdin V.S. Perri U. -- U.S. Secretary of Defense Klinton B. -- U.S. President Leontjev V. -- Vice-President of the International Union of Machine Builders Lobov O.I. Vasiljev Yu. -- Head of Administration of Pyatigorsk Marchenko P. -- Governor of the Stavropol Territory Popov S. -- authorized representative of the Russian president in the Stavropol Territory Vasiljev Yu. -- Head of Administration of Pyatigorsk Tumanov V. -- Governor of the Pskov Region Tuleev A.G.




Moscow Russia Stavropol Territory Byelorussia Ukraine

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Agriculture; Defense and internal security; Ecology; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Domestic policy