Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Daily production of current affairs program.

Leading - E.Kochergin and E.Nefedova.

Topics of issue:

"The economic policy of the state";

"The Investment Crisis - comments on the air";

"The problems of gold miners";

"The Church and the business";

"The market's reaction to the resignation of the Russian Security Council Secretary Lebed", and other news reports.

Comments leader's speech at the meeting of the Presidium of the Government Treasury A.Livshitsa as saying about the budget crisis is not due any payments to the treasury.

The building of the State Tax Service of Russia.

Specialists work of financial institutions.

Report of the enterprises - debtors for taxes.

Industrial enterprises - housing, shops.

Press Conference of the Federal Office of Director General of Insolvency P.Mostovogo.

Production at the metallurgical plant, assembly line optical-mechanical plant.

Guest of the program - the President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce S.Smirnov said the investment crisis in the country, way out of this situation on Russia's accession to the WTO.

Report on the crisis in the gold mining industry.

Prospectors are flushing breeds.

Rinsing the sand grains of gold.

Opencast mining of gold.

Shipping containers in the truck.

A worker pours gold refinery in the tray.

Gold bars.

Washing gold-bearing sand.

Gold deposit.

The plot of the netting between RAO "Gazprom" and the financial and industrial group "Oil Engines."

Gas storage, natural gas pipeline.

Aircraft Building Plant in the Volga region.

The building of RAO "Gazprom" in Moscow.

President of JSC "ElRoss" (FPG "Engines Oil") O.Ernezaks said about the production of engines for "Gazprom".

President of RAO "Gazprom" R.Vyahirev at a press conference.

The gas-storage complex.

Construction of the pipeline - different plans.

Report correspondent G.Solomatina program on the activities of commercial firms,

illegally using the right of the church on the free trade of alcoholic products and tobacco products.

Dome of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Commercial Tent - cigarettes, bottles of wine and spirits on display.

Dancing couple.

The temple, the candles are lit before the icon of the Virgin.

Worshipers at the service of the temple.

Go through the clergy.

Kiosk "Tobacco"; men buy cigarettes.

Streets of Moscow - a report.

Icons in the church, candles, parishioners come to church.

The building of the mosque.

The restoration of the temple.

Holiday service in the church.

Comments on the work of leading the IMF mission in Moscow on how to improve the collection of taxes to the federal budget.

Report on the program "Incombank" and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

for lending to small businesses.

Panorama of Moscow buildings - from the top point.

Building "Incombank", the bank's employees are working.

Building of Nizhny Novgorod fair, street Samara.

Streets of St.

Petersburg - removed from the movement.

Session management of banks.

Interview of the Vice-President "Incombank" I.Leyko.

Financial news, currency exchange rates.

The story of the resignation of Secretary of Russian Security Council A.I.Lebedya.

A.I.Lebed is surrounded by a group of people and reporters.

The House of the Russian government (White House).

Streets of Moscow (summer).

Head of Department of Economic Security of the Russian Security Council S.Yu.

Glazev in his office.

The meeting of the State Duma.


Lebedj A.I. Glazjev S.Yu. Smirnov S. -- President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce Lejko I. -- Vice-President "Incombank" Mostovoj P. -- Director General of the Federal Department for Insolvency Vyahirev R.




Moscow Russia

Industry; Finance; Towns and countries; Domestic policy; Religion