Anatoliy Mogilev. (1997)

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Scene №1 Anatoliy Mogilev


Opens the curtain.

Dance troupe on stage.

Entertainer Edward M. Smolny on the scene.

Anatoly Mogilev on the stage, welcomed the audience.

Singing (the song "Snow in Russia," "Gypsy Dance", "The trouble green eyes," "For luck or misfortune," "Violin").

On stage, the master of ceremonies, invites you to the scene of Michael Tanic.

Michael Tanic on the scene, talking to Mogilev.

The "Felling," on stage (the song "Queen Margot", "White Swan").

Entertainers on stage, announces Boris Sichkin.

Boris Sichkin on stage, singing (the song "I'm from Odessa").

Says B. Sichkin, tells jokes.

Singing and dancing.

Sung by Anatoly Mogilev (song "Odessa Mama", "Sochi", "Vanya").

The girl gives flowers Mogilev.

Mogilev was talking to a girl.

Entertainer of the scene, said Yuri Malikov announced.

Yuriy Malikov on stage, talking to Mogilev, gives him the drive.

Invites you to the scene Irina Shachnevu.

Mogilev and Shachneva hug.

Entertainer announcing dance ensemble "Favorite".

Dance ensemble on stage.

Smolny and Mogilev on stage talking.

Announce Alexander Serov.

Serov on the scene said.

Singing (the song "Let's start from the beginning").

Smolny on the scene said.

Sings Mogilev (the song "My Angel").

Mogilev give flowers.

Says Mogilev.

Singing (the song "Between hell and paradise").

Smolny on the scene said.

On stage, Yuriy Malikov, Anatoly Mogilev, Irina Shachneva, talking.

Key words

stage, show business, chanson, music


Anatolij Mogilevskij -- singer E.M. Smoljnij -- entertainer Mihail Tanich -- poet Boris Sichkin -- actor Yurij Malikov -- Musician, Producer Irina Shachneva -- singer Aleksandr Serov -- singer




Moscow, Russia

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