Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Aired 23 October 1996.

Daily production of current affairs program.

Leading software and S.Sergunin E.Starostina in the studio.

Topics of issue:

"The report A.Livshitsa in the State Duma";

"The first meeting of the Cheka";

"The pension system in Russia";

"Barter deal: The Russian oil - Cuban sugar", and other news reports.

The story about the report to the deputies of State Duma of the Minister of Finance on the implementation of the budget A.Livshitsa-96.

Archive of "Business Russia":

The building of the State Duma of Russia.

The State Duma at the meeting - different plans.

They talk A.Livshits, M.Zadornov, A.Pochinok.

A.Livshits during a press conference.

Comments on the host that the State Duma recognized the unsatisfactory work of the Russian government for the implementation of the federal law on the federal budget in 1996.

Comments on the results of leading the first meeting of the Emergency Committee to strengthen the fiscal and budgetary policy (ICH), the transfer of the court of arbitration cases of bankruptcy of the four largest companies in the country, including the automobile "Moskvich" and "KamAZ", to issue a strict warning And the Minister of Finance .

Livshits and head of the State Tax Service V.Artyuhovu.

Comments on the assessment of major government policies of the IMF mission to collect taxes on the budget deficit.

Guest of the program, the chairman of the Pension Fund V.Barchuk talks about the critical situation with the payment of pensions in the country.

The plot of the barter agreement between Russia and Cuba on the supply of sugar in exchange for oil.

Sugar plantations in Cuba, collecting cane.

Passing trucks with sugar cane.

Interview with a sales representative in the Republic of Cuba, Russia A.Dumenigo.

Interview Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government O.Davydova scandal surrounding barter contract with Cuba.

View of Havana from the Gulf of Mexico, Coast, hotels on the beach.

The streets of Havana.

The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.

Passers-by on the Old Arbat Street ..

Vasilevsky descent, St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Bolshoi Theatre, the Kremlin's Spassky Tower.

Vehicles on the streets of Moscow on the Kremlin embankment.

Pleasure boat on the Moscow River, Moscow Kremlin.

The story of the meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and a number of commercial banks on a possible banking crisis in Russia.

Participants at the meeting, among them - V.V.Geraschenko.

Speakers, Deputy Finance Minister O.V.Vyugin, deputy chairman of the Central A.Turbanov, president of the Association of Russian Banks S.E.Egorov and others.

S.E.Egorov gives interviews.

At a meeting of advocates V.Geraschenko.

Read the press photographers and television.

Financial news, currency exchange rates.

The plot on the implementation by the Moscow government bonds of the 2nd Moscow housing loan.

Building Committee of the municipal housing in Moscow.

Evidence of ownership of a package of bonds of the Moscow State housing loan.

Interview with Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Housing E.Yakushenko.

People on the streets of Moscow.

The old two-story house; landing.

The new multi-storey residential building.

Construction of a residential home.

Panorama of dwellings under construction, construction sites, machinery.

Five-story residential building ("Khrushchev").

Building Committee of the municipal housing in Moscow.

The woman at the entrance.

Construction of residential houses, cranes, construction workers are working.

Moscow City Hall, a monument Yu.

Dolgorukomu (the rain).

E.Yakushenko says.

Transportation on the Garden Ring, passers-by on the streets.

Advertising of products and services.

Key words

Report on the Moscow Things to Do in Moscow Housing


Livshic A. Barchuk V.V. -- Chairman of the Pension Fund of Russia Davidov O. -- Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Geraschenko V.V. -- financier, statesman Vjyugin O.V. -- government and financial activities Egorov S.E. -- President of the Association of Russian Banks Yakushenko E. -- Deputy Chairman of the Moscow municipal housing




Moscow Cuba


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Finance; Transportation; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Social life; Domestic policy; Construction