Chechen knot (1991-1996)

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Scene №1 Chechen knot

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Panorama of the destroyed during the fighting in Grozny buildings - withdrawn from the movement.

Grozny residents on the street.

The Russian soldier is wounded soldier.

Soldiers carry a wounded man on a stretcher, are wounded.

The corpses of dead soldiers.

Wooden cross on the grave on the banks of the river.

The child says, "there is no bread."

The ruins of houses.

The streets of Grozny, blooming rose bushes.

Passers-by on the street - different plans.

Armored personnel carrier with the flag of the Chechen Republic on the street.

Passers-by, cars on the streets.

Police patrol on the streets.

It takes a detachment of soldiers.

Multi-storey building, signs the "Casino", "Bank" Galactica. "

Game room casino, roulette, the croupier work.

Materials of Ministry of Internal Affairs TV - the arrest of suspects, detainees at the police station.

The passport of a citizen of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR.

Hotel "Ukraine" in Moscow.

Interview with Chief of Economic Crimes of the Russian Interior Ministry V.Soltaganova fake memo about counterfeit banknotes received from the territory of the Chechen Republic,

Working employees of the bank; hand count the dollar bills.

Dollar and Russian banknotes.

Rallies in Grozny.

Armed soldiers in the government building.

People buy newspapers.

Newspaper "Caucasus", "Echoes of Chechnya", "Freedom", the portrait of Dudayev in the newspaper.

Chechens vote at a polling station.

Office buildings in Grozny, the streets, people are the soldiers.

The building motorcade arrives.

President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Johar Dudayev talking with the military.

Train soldiers.

Vending machines on earth.

Story of armed soldiers.

Interview Policy Major-General Dudayev FSB Mikhailov.

Go to the platform comes a passenger train "Moscow - Baku"; out passengers.

Broken windows of the car.

Conductor, the passengers tell of robbery in the train.

A. Mikhailov says.

Operational Shooting MIA - The arrest of drug traffickers, the defendants in the courtroom.

The airfield, explosion, fire in the helicopter.

Passes D.Dudaev with a group of people.

A. Mikhailov said the policy Dudayev.

D.Dudaev takes the oath of the president of the republic,

Celebrations on the streets of Grozny - dance, sing Chechens.

D.Dudaev at a government meeting.

Photos Dudayev different years.

Under the military is D.Dudaev.

People on the streets of Grozny, the patrol checks documents.

Civilian and military on the square in front of government buildings.

Rally in support of Dudayev.

Armored vehicles on the streets, traces of bullets on the wall of a building; crumpled cars.

Interview Chechens opposed to Dudayev's regime.

Demonstration of health workers in Grozny.

Znamensky branch Nadterechny Central Hospital, doctors, patients in the wards.

Children in schools.

A. Mikhailov says.

Press Conference of Dudayev.

D.Dudaev in his office.

D.Dudaev talks with a group of Russian military led by Defense Minister P.Grachevym.

Armed soldiers on the streets of Grozny.

Interview Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation S.M.Shahraya attempts to resolve the conflict.

Minutes of the meeting on the outcome of the Russian delegation to the Government of the Chechen Republic in Grozny on 14 January 1993.

The streets of Grozny, the soldiers on the streets - different plans.

London - Embankment, Parliament House (summer).

Articles in London newspapers.

Armed Chechen soldiers, armored vehicles.

1992 - Statement by Dudayev to destroy Russia, and the fact that everyone has to be a Chechen suicide bomber.

D.Dudaev is accompanied by a guard.

FSB says plans for an attack on Russia (the plan "Lasso").


1994 - Commissioning of Russian troops in Chechnya: the helicopter in the sky, the mountain road passing military vehicles, tanks in the field, handing out bread to the population

Grozny residents queue for bread.

Minister for Emergency Situations Sergey Shoigu in Chechnya.

Housing Minister Says Russia E.Basin.

Construction machinery parses the rubble of Grozny.

Men in the granary.

Agricultural machinery.

Says Minister of Agriculture and Food A.Zayhanov Chechnya.

Rubble in Grozny.

Russian soldiers in an armored personnel carrier.

Destruction in Grozny on the street are people.

Refinery in Chechnya.

Standing formulations with oil, a freight train passes.

Mountain landscape.

Castle on the River - filmed from a helicopter.

Coast Pitsunda.

Should a group of soldiers.

D.Dudaev give interviews to foreign correspondents (interpretation of the war with Russia).

The fighting in Grozny.


Dudaev D.M. -- the Chechen government and military leader Mihajlov A. -- Major-General of the FSB Grachev P. Shahraj S.M. -- statesman and political figure Shojgu S.K. -- statesman, Gen.

Calendar: 1991-1996

Locations: Chechnya Moscow [820] London [870] Georgia [83]

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