The war in Yugoslavia (1999)

Footage №23772, 1 footage, duration: 1:24:43

Scene №1 The war in Yugoslavia

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

An elderly man reads a newspaper.

People at the tables in the outdoor cafe.

Young people sitting on a bench on the waterfront.

Walking people.

The streets of the city.

Apartment: people are watching TV, talking.

A woman reading a newspaper reported on the bombing of Serbian cities Aleksinac.

Travel down the street.

Wounded in the hospital.

Affected by the bombing of the men in their hospital beds, aids.

Medical staff with the wounded.

Doctors in the hallway, talking.

Hospital ward, the wounded - different plans.

He says the wounded man, said the explosion (in Serbian).

The streets of the city: the buildings damaged by the explosions, the ruins, bombed-out car factory, shards, fragments of buildings - different plans.

McDonald's building, the injured from the blast.

The worker removes debris.

The street of the city, part of the unaffected - at home, traffic, people go through.

The wreckage of the bridge was blown up.

Interview with the Yugoslav military in the background of the destroyed bridge, holding the pieces.

Interview with local resident.

The street of the city.

The men on the street, talking.

The family in the apartment - sitting at a table talking.

Women hug children.

The boy eats bread - close-up.

People talk with a reporter.

People on the streets, broken windows.

The Orthodox Church.

The priests in ceremonial robes.


The priest is an icon.

People go to church.

Streets, passers-by.

Employees of the municipal services wash the streets.

Night, the glow of a fire.

Steady building - different plans.

Early morning, columns of smoke in the CHP, the machine intelligence.

The dogs in the street.


Trade lines - different plans.

Vendors, food stalls.

Interview with buyers and sellers.

The streets of the city, pedestrians - different plans.

Affected by the explosion of construction - different plans.

The men are repairing the roof of the house.

Interview a local resident.

The woman on the balcony.

Panorama from house to house with broken windows.

The street of the city, the people in the cafe, passers-by traffic.

The road checkpoints.

War at the barrier.

The ruins of the buildings.

Men are engaged in repair.

Interview with local resident.

People near the houses.

Doll in a ruined house.

People on the ruins of the house.

Crying women.

Destroyed houses and shops.

People on the streets, buried debris.

Evening, a hostel for people left homeless.

People in rooms.


Sleeping boy.

Children in the room.

Men and women in the room, talking.

Key words

NATO bombing

Calendar: 1999

Locations: Aleksinac, Serbia

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