Sport. (1990 - 1999)

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Scene №1 Sport

Bodybuilder pulling on the cable car, holding the rope with his teeth.

A little boy picks up the dumbbell, is engaged in acrobatics, arm wrestling with his father.

Baseball players in the locker room before the match, set up the game.

Go through the hallway, out on the field.

The moments of the game.

Racing with obstacles on a motorcycle.

Different moments of racing, riders overcome obstacles

- Wood, bulk jumps.

Injury to motorcyclist.

Lie rider.

There is a doctor with a suitcase, assists.

People around the rider.

Coach "first aid".

Racing - different plans.

"Class Time" in a sports school.

The boy arranges chairs.

Students at the table.

Says the school director.

The lesson of Physical Education.

The boys in the locker room.

Classes at the gym - jogging, gym, volleyball.

Surfing, auto racing, gymnastics, horse racing, boxing, winners of the award - assembly plans.

Diving: Girls jumping - different plans.

Spectators in the stands.

Racing at the Moscow Hippodrome - different plans.

Freestyle - different plans.

Snow-covered mountains.

Are the athletes, spectators.


The audience, the press.

Pool table, balls.

Hustler with a cue.

Synchronized swimming.

Perform synchronized program - different plans.

Football match.

Spectators in the stands under umbrellas.

Football (goals, shots) - different plans.

Martina Navratilova says.

Tennis match with Navratilova.

Navratilova during the game.

Tennis match between Andre Agassi and Cara Navatchik.


Cyclist on the track - different plans.

Pole Vault - different plans.

Bobsled, freestyle, slalom - assembly plans.

Balloons in the sky - different plans.

Coaching baseball, train children - different plans.

The fight karate athletes in the ring - different plans.

Spectators in the stands.


Competition Darts - different plans.

Hockey, the moments of the game - the USSR-Canada.

Football, the moments of the game - different plans.

Penalty, the goalkeeper returns the ball, the spectators in the stands - different plans.

Football players with the cup, kissing the cup - different plans.

Football, the moments of the game.

Penalty goal.

Players are happy, hug.

Rejoice in the stands.

Handball, the moments of the game.

Basketball, the moments of the game.

Karts, racing - different plans.

Football, the moments of the game.

Goal - different plans.

Basketball, the moments of the game.

Championships in Greco-Roman wrestling in Prague.

Duel with Alexander Karelin - different plans.

Cups, medals - panorama.

Duel - different plans.

Alexander Karelin with the Medal, said - close-up.

Medal on the chest - close-up.

Face - close-up.

Basketball (CSKA-CSK-VVS) - different plans.

Interview of the USSR Honored coach Alexander Gomelsky.

The moments of the game.

Interview with the head coach of CSKA Stanislav Eremin.

Moments of the game, the spectators in the stands.

Interview with basketball CSKA Moscow Vasily Karasev.

Interview Team CSK-VVS (Samara), Valery Tikhonenko.

Palace of Sports, spectators in the stands.

Ultimate Fighting Championship on the rule.

Fights - different plans.

Interview with Master of Sports in sambo, judo, freestyle, Greco-Roman Anatoliy Stankov.

Interview with Alexander Inshakov - Chairman of the organizing committee of the championship.

Final, match - different plans.

Announcement of the winner.

Winner - Ricardo Maray - close-up.

Presentation Cupto tennis player Pit Sampras.

Interview with tennis player Alexander Volkov.

Pete Sampras and Andrei Chesnokov match.

Press conference of Chesnokov after the game.


Martina Navratilova -- American tennis player Andre Agassi -- American tennis player Aleksandr Karelin -- wrestler Aleksandr Gomeljskij -- basketball, honored coach of the USSR Stanislav Eremin -- basketball player, coach Aleksandr Inshakov -- athlete, stuntman Rikardo Moray - wrestler Pit Sampras -- American tennis player Andrej Chesnokov -- Russian tennis player