Japan: Past and Present. (1993)

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Movie №1 Japan: Past and Present

Airport of Tokyo.

Taxis the aircraft.

The ladder down - Boris Yeltsin, Naina Yeltsin.

Yeltsin talks.

Interview with Boris Yeltsin.

Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Solemn meeting of Boris Yeltsin.

Greeters, a military band.

At the gate drives a car.

Emperor Akihito and his wife, and Boris and Naina Yeltsin on the palace steps.

Listen to the anthem of Russia.

Boris Yeltsin, Naina Yeltsin exchanged greetings with the members of the imperial family.

Plays a military band.

Boris Yeltsin bypass, greets encountered.

Naina Yeltsin greets encountered.

A meeting of the Russian delegation with Japanese colleagues.

There is Andrei Kozyrev.

They talk to Boris Yeltsin and the Emperor Akihito.

Naina Yeltsin farewell to Emperor Akihito and his wife.

Naina Yeltsin meets with Japanese culture: talks with Japanese women, considering the traditional Japanese kimono, talking with children and so on.

Tea ceremony - there Naina Yeltsin and his wife of Emperor Akihito.

Naina Yeltsin introduced to the art of ikebana.

Naina Yeltsin, considering floral arrangements.

Naina Yeltsin, wife of the emperor in a traditional Japanese garden.

They are fed fish from the bridge.

Naina Yeltsin in the music school.

Japanese kids sing, play synthesizers.

Listens Naina Yeltsin and wife of the Emperor of Japan.

Naina Yeltsin, speaking to children, leaving a note in the guestbook.

Naina Yeltsin handed gifts.

Travel to Tokyo - skyscrapers.

Naina Yeltsin speaks to the press, talks about his impressions of the city.

Naina Yeltsin's trip to Tokyo Disneyland - riding tour "tram."

Naina Yeltsin speaks to the press.

Naina Yeltsin handed gifts - stuffed Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Naina Yeltsin photographed with an actor dressed as Mickey Mouse.

Interview with Naina Yeltsin - talks about her impressions of Japan.

Travel through the streets of Tokyo.

Boris Yeltsin, Naina Yeltsin's rise up the ladder plane.


Boris Eljcin -- First President of Russia Naina Eljcina Akihito -- Emperor of Japan




Tokyo, Japan

Towns and countries; Foreign policy