Earthquake in Armenia (1988)

Footage №23949, 1 footage, duration: 1:26:39

Scene №1 Earthquake in Armenia

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Yerevan airport, airfield.

"first aid".

Are the people.

People charged with medical equipment in the carriage of "first aid".

Cars passing to take-off field.


People in the cabin.

Taxis the aircraft.

In the plane load of humanitarian aid.

Cockpit, instruments.

The pilot at the controls.

Unloading of the aircraft.

Wounded woman being removed from the car, put on a stretcher, carried in the aircraft.

The wounded man on a stretcher.

The nurse sits beside the wounded man.

The doctor.

Carriage "ambulance" is at the aircraft.

Men are heated by the fire.

Men on the ruins of the house.

Dismantled debris.

People around the campfire.


Men on the ruins of the building.

Dismantled debris.

The carpet, a broken phone and so on. in the rubble.

Men work.

Men carry a bale of linen and clothes.

Are the people at fire.

The coffin, a dead body, covered with a sheet.

Men dismantled debris, collect things.

The pilots in the helicopter.

Airport, are aircraft.

Construction equipmen unloaded from the aircraft t.

Trucks leave the aircraft.

The camp for the victims.

People in military tents.

Girl reading a newspaper.

A man sits.

Tents for the people.

International rescue workers at the tents.

People in the cabin.

A woman holds her baby in her arms.

On the floor lay wounded.

Pilots in the cockpit.

A man holding a baby in his arms.


The streets of the city: the ruins of houses, smashed cars.

People around the campfire.

Cries the young woman.

Utensils, food on the parapet.

Hole in the pavement.

Construction equipment.

People working in the ruins.

The dead under the rubble.

Destroyed homes, people on the streets.

The destroyed building of the city committee, and schools.

The ruins, people in the ruins.

Women carrying bundles of clothes.

Field kitchen.

People eat.

Men attach the coffin to the cable of a crane.

Cries the man, the other man calm him, hugs.

Man is a children's coffin on his shoulder, down the rubble.

Coffin on a rope in the air.

The coffin is lowered into the back of the truck.

Bulldozer on the ruins of the building.

Stacks of coffins on the ground.

Streets: destroyed buildings, people in the ruins.

Along the street are the rescuers with dogs.

Rescuers with dogs running on the ruins of houses.

People watching the work of the rescuers.

The project site, working men.


The destroyed building.

Destroyed elevator.

The grain in the elevator.

Men on the ruins of the elevator.

Ruins - different plans.

A man holds the grain in the palm of his hand, pour on the ground.

Sparrow on the ruins.

The man on the ruins of the elevator, holding the grain in their hands.

Dilapidated building in Spitak plant.

Blasters undermine the elevator.

The building is falling.

Raised clouds of dust.

Clouds of dust and smoke.


Rescuers at the airport.

Rescuers with dogs in aircraft - different plans.

"Red Cross".

Working operators.

Women talk by phone.

Flying over the ruined city - different plans.

People are running to the helicopter.

People unload humanitarian aid from a helicopter.

People dismantle bags - blankets, clothes, shoes.

The Streets - the ruins of houses, people, special machinery.

A woman pulls a bale of clothes.

Tents, people in the area.

Rescuers, soldiers in the tents.

The ruins of the buildings.

Stacks of coffins on the pavement near the destroyed houses.

Wall of flat.

The photograph on the wall.

A man reads a newspaper.

Foreign rescuers stand and talk.

Rescuers talk to the military.

Destroyed sculpture workshop - plaster busts on the ground.


A man carrying a bucket.

Men lead the cow, the cow falls into a pit.

The men dragged the cow.

Chickens, sheep over the fence.

The wounded were discharged from the "ambulance", carried to the helicopter.

The wounded were loaded into a helicopter.

Injured in a helicopter.

The wounded were unloaded from a helicopter.

The police take the stretchers with the wounded, are entered in the "first aid".

Doctors around the wounded.

Ambulance passes through the territory of the airport.


Doctors with a wounded woman.

An elderly woman washes her hands a wounded elderly man, a nurse helps.

The wounded boy in a hospital bed.

A woman washes the face an older man.

Medical staff in the corridors of the hospital.

The nurse carries a wounded man in the wheelchair.


The wounded on stretchers, are doctors.

Operating: surgeons work - different plans.

The wounded man.

Next wounded are imported.

Calendar: 1988

Locations: Spitak, Leninakan, Armenia

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