State Duma delegation's visit to China. (1994)

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Scene №1 The visit of the delegation of the State Duma in China

Meeting a delegation led by I.Rybkinym at the airport.

Chinese yawns hour.

Drives a motorcade.

Formation of soldiers, soldiers marching.

I.Rybkin, Lukin and others at the negotiating table.

I.Rybkin stand, Vladimir Lukin, Yu.

Gusman, S. Glazyev, take pictures with their Chinese counterparts.

Rybkin talks with his Chinese counterpart in the chairs in the hall.

Are the Chinese military.

Lukin, N.Travkin, Yu.

Gusman and others greeted with his Chinese counterpart, talking.

The hotel foyer, glass elevators in the building.

The movement of vehicles, cyclists and rickshaws on the streets of Beijing.

Home Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

Passing rickshaw.

Russian flag.

Photographed by Russian and Chinese representatives.

The conversation in the room.

The Russian delegation at the Great Wall of China, are in the crowd.

Interview with a member of the delegation, representatives of the movement "Women of Russia".

Interview Lukin on Wall of China and the visit to China.

The general plan of the wall.

The delegation members sit in the car, drive off.

Laying a wreath at the monument.

A visit to the palace.

Passage through the streets and squares of Beijing - removed from the vehicle.

Street of the city, bus rides, cyclists.

Passers-by on the street.

Sale of newspapers.

Trays of food.

A shop window.

Selling watermelons.

People talk on the street.

Speech I.Rybkina in the hall.

It takes a Russian delegation met with Jiang Zemin.

The time in the building.


The grounds of the palace.

Ribkina meeting and the delegation of the Chinese representative.

Tiananmen Square, the obelisk, the flags of China.

Motorcade drove up to the airport terminal.

Rybkin says goodbye to the mourners Chinese counterparts.

Rybkin climbs the ladder in the IL-62 M, Rybkin on the plane talking.

Members of the Russian delegation to the plane.

Meeting a delegation to Shanghai airport.

View of Shanghai with the top point.

The official reception.

The negotiations at the table.

Travel on the evening of Shanghai.

Examination hall.

N.Travkin eats a banana.

Converse Rybkin, clink, inspects the premises.

Types of the city at night.

N.Rybkin in the apartment hotel.

Meeting with the Deputy Director General of steel mill, sitting members of the delegation.

Rybkin delegation members wearing helmets at the port.

View of the port.

Delegation under umbrellas in the port, take pictures.

Delegation at the metallurgical plant, rolling metal shop.

The conversation at the table at the banquet.

Dishes on the table.

New - removed from the top point.

A new district of the city.

The time in the building.

Chinese flag.

The Russian flag.

Say goodbye to the members of the delegation.

The meeting with the Chinese public.


Gusman smiles.

Rybkin drinks tea.

N.Travkin says, sitting eye.

Lukin says at the meeting.


A field of grain.

It examines the cottage in the countryside.

Said a member of the delegation of the Chinese communes.

The official reception.

I.Rybkin sits in the car.

Rybkin says goodbye at the airport.

Evening: Rybkin and members of the delegation down the ladder, go down the red carpet, greeted with a meet, held on the airfield.

Passage through the city, the city with the top point.

City in the morning, high-rise building.

Delegation in the hotel lobby, sit in the car.

Delegation goes into the room.

Skyscraper under construction.

Lunch: drink tea, eat with chopsticks.

View from the window of a skyscraper.

Rybkin wrote in the guestbook.



Ribkin I.P. Lukin V.P. -- and a public figure Gusman Yu. Glazjev S. Travkin N. Czyan Czeminj




China Peking Shanghai


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