(1991) "World Business"

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Reel №1 International program "World Business"

Announcement of the first edition of the "business world".

Leading software and A.Sharapova M.Bezrukov talk about the program.

Topics of the program:

"Reports on the impact of the Gulf War";

"The upcoming fashion show in New York";

"Tourists in Australia";

"Reports of the automobile plants in Europe, Japan and the U.S."

"Fans of Coca-Cola in Eastern Europe";

"Competition in the confectionery industry."

Comments on the impact of the conflict leading to the Persian Gulf to the international business activities.

Armored vehicles, armed guards at the international airport.

Street in London.

The Director-General "Churchill Hotel" means reducing the number of guests in hotels because of the possible threat of terrorism.

Empty the Tokyo airport "Narita."

Interview with a businessman.

Skyscrapers of the World Trade Center, New York City street - are people who are passing cars.

The company ticket «Pickfords Travel» - staffed, visitors to the agency.

Interview with head of the company «Pickfords Travel».

The Director-General "Churchill Hotel" says the prospects of 1992.

Tourists at the airport.

Leading A.Sharapova says the boom in telecommunications because of the decline of the intensity of air traffic.

Report on the companies that organize a video conference.

Teleconference business in London with our partners in Atlanta.

Consultant in corporate video ABM Chris Baxter Moore talks about the influence of the Gulf War, the company's business, the growth in demand for video conferencing.

AVMs are specialists.

Interview with representatives of various companies.

Passengers at the international airport.

Demonstration of the European high fashion in America - fashion models on the catwalk, the audience in the hall.

Interview with fashion designer.

Ties, handbags in stores for the rich.

Storefront "Hermes".

Mannequins show clothing model - different plans.

The plot of tourists to the United States and Japan to Australia.

Sydney Harbour, Japanese tourists taking pictures, tourists pass on the waterfront.

Interview with a representative of the Australian tourism.

They say the tourists from the United States.

Tourists buy goods in shops in Sydney - different plans.

Tourists go ashore from a boat, photographed landmarks.

Comments on new products leading confectionery company, "Cadbury", to establish a network "Coca-Cola" in Eastern Europe.

Box of "Coca-Cola."

The conveyor at the "Coca-Cola."

Press conference of representatives of the firm, interviewed the president of "Coca-Cola" (Coca-Cola) D.Kyu.

The bartender fills the glasses of Coca-Cola.

D.Kyu says.

Building Chocolate Factory "Cadbury" (Cadbury's).

The new production line of chocolates "Strollers" (Strollers).

Interview with manager of the marketing department.

Production of chocolates "Strollers".

Interview marketing company.

Packaging of candy, "Strollers" in the pipeline; box of chocolates "Strollers".

Report of the decline in production in the global automotive industry.

The building of automobile concern "Fiat."

The flow of cars on the freeway.

Car production at the company "General Motors".

Older Americans are going out on the porch of the house.

Working farmers.

Conveyor car factory "Toyota" in Kentucky.

Interview the workers of the plant.

The manufacturing processes at the shops of the plant, "Toyota".

Production processes at various small enterprises Automotive USA - different plans.

Workers at work "Toyota" - different plans.

Key words

Economic crisis Fashion Tourism




United Kingdom USA Australia Japan Italy

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Agriculture; Media; Culture and Arts; Ecology; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Social life; Defense and internal security; Wars, conflicts and disasters