Business Russia (1996) The heading "Russian Calendar"

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia". The heading "Russian Calendar"

Newsreels 1900-1913gg.:

Village huts with thatched roofs, a group of village women at the well.

Passes Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in the retinue.

Bazaar in Red Square.

Are the members of the State Duma.

Soldiers from the wagon train.

The crowd, the policemen in the crowd.

Historian Sergei Bakunov tells about the personality and the rule of Nicholas II.

Photo of Nicholas II.

Newsreel 1910-1913gg.:

Passes Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in the retinue.

Nicholas II on horseback at the Palace Square, on board the ship traverses operation of seafarers;

Daughter of Nicholas II dancing with the naval officers.

Pictures of the royal family.

Tome "The first general census of the Russian Empire."

Page "Census" data of Nicholas II.

Photo of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna.

S.Bakunov said the abolition of serfdom in Russia, the reforms in the country during the second half of the 19th century.

Newsreel 1910-1917gg.:

Village house, the farmer repairing the network and the child wears sandals.

Plow, harrow, harness, broken wheel on the ground.

Farmers in the sickles reap wheat.

The farmer flail threshes bread.

Warehouses, storage areas for carts.

Threshing grain in the field.

Agricultural machinery.

Farmers in the knit bundles.

The sacks of grain.

Workers loaded the bales on the deck of the ship.

Faces of the peasants.

The farmer comes with a wallet on the road.

Village house, the peasant are on the edge of the field.

Cradle the child in the field.

Peasant reaps grain with a sickle.

S.Bakunov tells of Russian agriculture.


Cleaning linen - different plans.

S. Bakunov read memories Russian businessman, founder of Russian joint stock company lnopromyshlennogo "plow" V.Ryabushinskogo.

Newsreel 1930s.:

Rolls of linen.

Flax processing factory.

Newsreel 1910-1917gg.:

A herd of cows in a meadow.

Country estate.

Peasants with hoes in the field - weeding.


S.Bakunov indicates the development of railway construction in Russia.


Wheels of the train, railway tracks.

Moscow - the train passes over the bridge.

The driver in the cockpit of the train.

Passenger train on the way, tunnel, railway bridge.

It is necessary to train passengers on the platform.

Metallurgical Plant, blast furnaces.

S.Bakunov talks about attracting foreign capital to Russia.

Newsreel 1910-1917gg.:

Turning shop, body shop and metal works.

Out of the factory workers.

The miners descend into the mine, working in the mine.

Passing trains with coal.

S.Bakunov tells of Russian banks, the development of the financial system.

Newsreel 1910-1917gg.:

Staffed bank vault door.

Streets of Moscow - removed from the movement.

Red Square.

The farmer in the field, a horse pulling a plow.

Harvesting hay.

Peasants gathering.

Comments on S.Bakunova rule of Nicholas II.

Key words

Tsarist Russia


Bakunov S. -- historian Nikolaj II Aleksandra Fedorovna


1996 1900-1930 - Agriculture and Industry of Russia



Industry; Finance; Agriculture; Social life; Domestic policy