Press conference after the assassination of Vlad Listyev. (1995)

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Scene №1 Press conference after the assassination of Vlad Listyev

Portrait of Vlad Listyev in a mourning frame.

Beside the candle burns.

Press conference after the murder

Vlad Listyev.

In the hall, journalists, cultural figures.

Says actor Oleg Tabakov.

O shame.

"We make docile, and quite skillfully."

Says Paul S. Gutiontov,

Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists:

"Three days ago the head of the Information

Control of Russian President publicly

accused the journalists.

They attach too much importance

deaths of their colleagues.

Exactly two days later killed Vlad Leaves "

Says Alexander Lisin

editor in chief of newspaper "Evening Moscow":

"Enough of us to ask.

The President announced that he took the situation under control.

So what?

Let's demand that

use our power.

It is not just about journalists. "

Svyatoslav Fyodorov says,


"I would like to encourage all of our press.

We need to understand the main reasons

that led to the death of Listyev.

They lead to the death of many more honest people.

Today is the economic civil war.

The robbery of one person by another. "

Shouts from the audience: "Enough!

No question about it now! "

Says Edward M. Sagalaev

President of the Moscow Independent Broadcasting Company.

"Vlad was an extraordinary man.

In shape it is something of Gagarin.

Incredibly charming man.

Pure, honest, open.

On television, not play sincerity,

openness and talent.

Someone decided

what to take and rob us of Vlad Listyev.

This is not only a loss but humiliation.

Vlad loved and watched by millions.

He had no protection.

These are signs of optimism.

The belief in his lucky star. "

Portrait of Vlad Listyev in a mourning frame.

Key words

the murder of Vlad Listyev


Vlad Listjev -- journalist Tabakov O.P. -- actor Gutiontov P.S. -- journalist Sagalaev E.M. – televizionnij deyatelj Fedorov S.N. – mikrohirurg Lisin A.I. -- journalist






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