Yeltsin and the military confrontation of the Supreme Council in 1993. (1993)

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Scene №1 Yeltsin and the military confrontation of the Supreme Council in 1993


The Supreme Council

surrounded by parts of the interior troops and riot police.

The men in raincoats, helmets, batons and guns.

Colonel-General Albert M. Makashov

Chief of Staff of the protection and defense of the building

Supreme Council.

Read an appeal to the people.

Nearby a man with a voice recorder and a military with a gun.

He was listening to a small crowd in front of the Supreme Council.

This Albert Makashov:

"I appeal to members of the Ministries of Security,

Ministries of Interior and other agencies.

We all come from the Soviet Union.

So, countrymen!

Seized power in Russia, and usurped the crooks -

Yeltsin and his team.

Professional soldiers!

We have enough forces and equipment to reflect

any attack.

If people from police

or the Ministry of Security will attack

on the soldiers who protect

Congress of People's Deputies - I warn you!

Do you want to lose his life,

protecting thieves, crooks and prostitutes of all different suits?

Right now include Jewish music,

not to let it listen to the Russian general!

I warn you, do not waste your life!

To avoid then a shame that you have done

orders are not smart commanders or sold themselves

foreign puppets.

The report is finished.

Bringing the power ministers of the three solutions is over.

Bring to their commanders.

Do not lose your head and do not meddle in the House of Unions! "

Young men smoke at the window.

An interview with a soldier.

Talking about the support

Supreme Council. "12 people from our military

parts for 5 days guarding the building of the Supreme Council. "

Building troops.

Former cadets.

"We went over to the Constitution, there is no turning back."

Press conference.

Ruslan Khasbulatov Imranovich, chairman of the

Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation.

Refers to the reporters:

"Eight days and nights working the 10 th Extraordinary

Congress of Deputies of the Russian Federation.

The Congress led resistance to unconstitutional

revolution produced by a Yeltsin and his entourage.

150 deputies are going to close.

They organized a little branch of Congress.

This is not bad.

OMON, riot police and barbed wire,

which blocked the approaches to the parliament building -

it is a symbol of democracy, which entails

Yeltsin's criminal regime.

Agonizing regime

made another mistake.

They did not allow deputies to the Congress.

But this action turned into a blessing.

We have expanded people's choices of action.

The Congress stood in those days.

Until yesterday, it was

an island of free Russia at the police in Moscow.

Since yesterday, the resistance to the dictatorship of the left h

and the limits of this island.

In the resistance includes all honest citizens of Russia.

The meeting of the Congress in the House of Soviets can

terminate at the cost of bloodshed.

But she will not stop the outbreak of civil

resistance to the dictatorship in Moscow and the Russian Federation.

The tragic events in the metro Barrikadnaya, on the Garden Ring.

Clashes with militia Muscovites

who came to defend the law and the Constitution.

Congress has not yet decided by the Government about

The Russian Federation. "

In the hall are working journalists, press photographers.

On the wall emblem of the Russian Federation with the hammer and sickle.

Street barricades.

Barrages of lattices.

Field kitchen under the tent.

A man in a helmet NRF (National Salvation Front).

The grid around the building of the Supreme Council.

Police in the parameter.

Several people on duty at the barricades.

The red flags.

Poster "judge Yeltsin and his mafia."

An elderly woman on the barricades.

Key words

the capture of the Supreme Council


Hasbulatov R. I. -- politician Makashov A.M. -- political and military leader






building of the Supreme Council


Autumn [826]

Social life; Defense and internal security; Wars, conflicts and disasters; Domestic policy