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Reel №1 The "Flow"

"Russian oil companies in Iraq (meeting at the Ministry of Energy)"

Moscow, Ministry of Energy.


Press Conference of Minister of Fuel and Energy, Peter Rodionov.

Devoted to the visit of the Russian delegation to Iraq.


The hall staff of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy, the oil, and journalists.

At the table Putilov Alexander E., Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Rosneft".

Sync Peter Rodionova, Minister of Fuel and Energy.

"The Congress of Peasants' Party of Russia"


Herzen House Museum.

In the hall of the members of the party press.

For Yuri D. Chernichenko podium, chairman of the Peasants' Party of Russia.

Synchron Chernichenko: farmers do not go to the All-Russian Trade Unions protest.

The village, the peasants, the goat.

Synchron Chernichenko: "Damn the agrarian question in Russia reborn like a phoenix from the ashes."

"Meeting of Heads of CIS Defense"

Moscow, March 26. Meeting of Defence Ministers of the CIS.

Igor Rodionov, Russian Defense Minister, in a civil suit.

The purpose of the meeting - preparation of the concept of military-technical cooperation of the CIS countries.

Higher ranks of the military in uniform.

Flags of the Commonwealth.

A woman working for the machine in a munitions factory.

The woman completes a gun.

The T-72. Defense system in a snowy field.

Fighters in the air.

Hall meeting, senior military officials of the CIS at the tables.

"Press Conference of Alexander Demin, Supreme Ataman of the Union of Cossack units'


World Trade Center.

Press Conference of Alexander Demin, Supreme Ataman of the Cossack Union forces, Colonel-General of the Cossack troops.

Cossack ensemble sings a song.

Synchron Cossack "hosts here are Russian, and faith in our Orthodox.

All other guests should be. "

Cossacks in Cossack uniform: hat, stripes, chrome boots.

Synchron Demina.

We are about the threat of Russia's territorial integrity.

The threat comes from NATO and America.

The Cossacks were walking down the hall.


On the video monitor system and the Cossack boy in Cossack uniform.

Video Cossack song verse "Kavalergarda century not long ..."

"Don Cossacks"

Monument to the graph Ataman Platov.


The Cossacks in the foyer.

The newspaper "Russian Cathedral".

Vladimir F. Chub, Governor of the Rostov region, receives the documents in the election commission.

Certificate with photo: Vladimir F. Chub, a candidate for governor of Rostov region.

Cossacks at a long table.

Cossack hat and the decorations.


Tractor plowing the land.

Synchron Vyacheslav Khizhnyakov, ataman Grand Don Army.

This transfer of land Cossacks.

Administration of Rostov region, a sign.

The elevator, bakery.


Council chieftains of the Cossack troops.

Synchron Sergei Dontsov, Deputy Chief of the Cossack troops under the President of the Russian Federation.

On the Protection of Terek Cossacks of the administrative boundary.

The streets of Novocherkassk.

"The joint Russian-Yugoslavian company" Sibavto "


Conversion of the company "Sibselmash."

Joint Russian-Yugoslavian production.

The shop of the plant, the assembly of mini-trucks.

Is an auto mechanic.

Officials of the regional administration goes through the shops.

The meeting with the workers.

The assembly of component parts of machinery.

Synchron Teplyakova Nicholas, director of the company "Sibavto."

It works on the development of banking and investment industry.

Mini-trucks "Sibavto" riding on the snowy roads.

"Police supercar"


The unique operating a car - "headquarters on wheels."

Police UAZ with the computer system in the cabin.

The machine is installed communication system, a chemical laboratory.

Synchron Chief of police in Rostov-on-Don: "The machine can be documented, photographed, to manage the task force."

The address plan.

Department of Internal Affairs, Rostov-on-Don.

Views of the City.

Policeman on the road.


Violations of airline "Air Prima"


Airport runway.



We are an airline "Air Prima" in violation of the norms of aviation.

The broken planes.

Infographics: 1996. 13 crashes. 608 carried away lives.

Synchron Vladimir Kodita, executive director of the airport of Sochi:

"The company" Avia Prima "financial difficulties, and it was decided not to carry out refueling aircraft."

We are in the plot of violations of airline "Air Prima."

On the mortal danger to passengers.


View from the window on the airplane taking off other planes at the airport.

A sign on the door, "Sukhanov, VP Head of the airport."

Reporter stand-up in the cabin.

"Dance Contest" for the crown in Mexico »


Disco club "Utopia."

All-Russian final of international competition "for the crown in Mexico."

The dance floor.

Playing the song "Macarena."

Contestants danced vigorously.

Rooms on the clothes.

The press conference the organizers of the international competition.

Organizer - Corona Extra.

Advertising layouts bottles of beer on the table.

At the table, among others Mahmoud Esambayev, People's Artist of USSR, the ballet dancer.

In the hall of the press.

Esambayev presents diplomas to the winners.

This Zhuchkov Alexander (Moscow) and Eugene Sharkova (Novosibirsk).

Diploma with the symbols of light beer "Corona Extra" in the hands of the winner.

Synchron Mahmoud Esambaev: "Television scored voiceless singers and dance forgotten.

Although our country is the richest of the dance. "

"The visit to Russia, Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen and the Prime Minister of India to the Virgin city police department."



The visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen.

Members of the Chinese delegation.

Yeltsin shaking hands with the minister.

The visit of Indian Prime Minister to the Virgin city police department.

Members of the Indian delegation.

Yeltsin shaking hands with the Prime Minister.

The press.

Synchronized to the Virgin city police department: India is satisfied with the agreement on the construction of power plants, the development of the coal industry and the supply of Russian weaponry.

"The armed conflict in the eastern sector of Jerusalem"

Eastern sector of Jerusalem.

The clash between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Armed Israeli military.

He runs a crowd of Palestinians.

Lit smoke bombs.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, behind the podium.

In the hall to listen to the military.

Yasser Arafat, Chairman of the Palestinian National Authority.

Israeli soldiers shoot from behind the barbed wire.

Fortified checkpoints.

The wounded man in civilian clothes.

A crowd of Arabs with stones and slingshots.

Yasser Arafat at a press conference in the capital of Sri Lanka in Colombo.

The skirmishes in the streets of East Jerusalem.

Burning tires, black smoke.

Israeli troops shoot at fleeing Arabs.

"Pan-European Union defense"

Rome area.

EU Parliamentarians consult the fresh air.

Negotiations on the establishment of a common defense structure.

It should unite all the countries of Western Europe on different principles than NATO.

In the frame of Malcolm Rifkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom.

In the frame Michiel Patijn, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands for European Affairs

The meeting of the European Council.

At the negotiating table the foreign ministers of European states.

And other senior officials.

The emblem of the European Union of the blue and yellow colors.

"Turkey - European Union"


On the eve of his visit to Turkey, German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel.

Talks on Turkey's accession to the EU.

Klaus Kinkel, in the frame.


Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan in the great hall with people.

He says into the microphone.

Singing a hymn with the Turks in the audience.

Flags of the European Union.

EU leaders lined up for general photography.




Working elevators in the port.

Turkish food market.

"Festival of trade in Dubai"


Preparations for the festival trade.

Advertising signs in Arabic.

Types of Dubai from the height of the helicopter.

The complex of skyscrapers.

A beautiful sunset on the coast.

Synchron Shakkera Al-Jawhar, a columnist.

Talking about last year's festival.

The festival brought together trade 2 million people.

They bought gold, carpets and luxury goods for 800 million dollars.


Rodionov P.I. -- statesman, oilman Putilov A.E. -- statesman, oilman Chernichenko Yu.D. -- social and political activist Rodionov I.N. -- statesman Demin A.P. -- Cossack Ataman Chub V. F. -- statesman Hizhnyakov V. -- Cossack Ataman Doncov S. -- statesman Teplyakov N. -- industrialist Malkolm Rifkin -- British statesman. Michiel Patijn -- statesman of the Netherlands Mahmud Esambaev -- cultural activities, the ballet dancer Cyanj Cichenya -- statesman of China Deve Govda -- statesman of India Binjyamin Netanjyahu -- statesman of Israel Yasir Arafat -- statesman of Palestine Malkolm Rifkin -- British statesman Michiel Patijn -- statesman of the Netherlands Nedzhmettin Erbakan -- statesman of Turkey Klaus Kinkelj -- statesman of Germany




Moscow Rostov-on-Don Novocherkassk Novosibirsk Sochi Israel, East Jerusalem Colombo Rome Istanbul Dubai

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