Russian military unit in East Berlin. A fragment of the Berlin Wall.. (1)

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Scene №1 Russian military unit in East Berlin. A fragment of the Berlin Wall.

East Berlin street.

The building of the museum's surrender.

The sign "Museum of the History of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender in the war of 1941-1945gg.."

Flags of the Soviet Union and Germany.

Western Group of Forces, stationed in Germany.

Soviet tank on a pedestal.

Soviet patrol car sit in the "Military traffic police."

Russian military on the streets of Berlin.

Shop "Books".

Phone machine.

Soviet military equipment.

The boys ride a bike, play ball.

Box "Post of the USSR" on the tree.

Russian military unit.

The sign "The Ministry of Defence.

High School number 3. "

Russian soldiers are going through the city.

Women with a baby carriage.

Stand "In the house officers' with information about the concert.

The sign "Voentorg.

Store number 65. "

Saleswomen take out boxes of merchandise from the car.

Russian soldiers and officers are on the streets.

Signboards of shops, mail and street signs in German.

The sign "House officers." A large building.


Hall of Fame with a print of Lenin.

The territory of a military hospital, the emergency department.

Patients in the wards, nurses.

Clean, bright wards and corridors.

The patient breathes through a tube.

Men's House.

Patients are asleep reading.

Hospital canteen.

The nurse makes the patient an injection into a vein.

Barber, men's room, haircut.

An ambulance leaves from the hospital.

Berlin Wall fragment.

Artists paint a wall.

Graffiti on the Berlin Wall, a lot.

Poems in Russian language, an inscription in German and English.

The portraits on the wall of Schiller, Heine, and Einstein.

The paintings by Dmitry Vrubel, June 1990.

Graffiti Vrubel's "Lord!

Help me survive amid this mortal love "(1990).

Depicts a kiss CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and the head of the GDR, E. Honecker.

Portrait of Mikhail Gorbachev at the wheel of the hammer and sickle.

Star of David on top of the German flag.

Key words

East Berlin, the Berlin Wall


Dmitrij Vrubelj -- artist Gorbachev M.S. -- statesman Brezhnev L.I. -- statesman Honekker E. -- statesman


1990 - 1994


Soviet military unit, hospital, street, the Berlin Wall

Industry; Health; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Social life; World War II