Auto Review (1995)

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Reel №1 Telecast "Avtoobozrenie"

The story of the German concern Volkswagen.

Symbols of the concern.

Infographics an increase in world

Sales of passenger cars in the video Volkswagen.

Sales growth in Japan, Brazil, Argentina,

China and Germany.

Videos of the following countries: the streets

car, home life.

The story of the fire engines.


Firefighters early twentieth century.

Prechistenka Sofia embankment.

It was the first in the Moscow fire brigade.

Statue of factory workers on the site

Former Foundry and Engineering Works of Liszt Gustav.

In 1907 the factory built the first

Moscow fire truck.

Photo first fire in Moscow on the car.

The museum building is MIA. Tower.

Photos of fire carts of the early twentieth century.

Archival footage.

Moscow life.

Sukharevsky market.

Firefighters at work, put out the fire hoses.

Down the stairs of the burning windows.

The streets of Moscow.

Firefighters go in the car.

Fire trucks in Russia after the revolution of 1917.


German fire engine "Magirus".

Cars going around the city.

The work of firefighters.

On machines rising staircase.

Firefighters took place on the "rulers".

This is a long bench along the body.

Specious doctrine of fire.

Assemble the hoses at a time.

Rise high up the stairs.

In 1925.

The first Soviet fire engines, photo.

ZIS trucks with pumps PMZ and the SGP.

The German fire trucks 20s.

Departure for the job of domestic fire avtooboza.

Soviet firemen in brilliant helmets.

Soviet car and closed the first Soviet stairs.

The red fire truck ZIL-130 in different years.

The caravan of red fire trucks going around the city.

In 1970. Moscow fire department.

A gift from the Minister of Internal Affairs Shchelokov.

Chaika GAZ-13. Red with white stripes.

Pump and hose car and tank

with the water going to the fire.

Video fire footage over the years.

The 1970s.

Many shots of burning houses and fighting fires.

In 1977. Lights Hotel "Russia" in Moscow.

Lights up the American Embassy.

Machinery Factory of Torzhok "Pozhtekhnika."


Steady high-rise building

Prospectus to Marshal Zhukov.

Firefighters in the fire.

The heading "Famous Brand".

The plot of the Moskvich.

ZLK Motor Show.

The range of cars Moskvich.

Sedan, pickup, hechbek, refrigerator.

Muscovite - a taxi-yellow.

Checkered on the doors.

Muscovite - ambulance.

The story about the Volvo S4.

Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Car Volvo S4.

Many plans, perspectives and details.


The story of the road artists.

Painting of vehicles and mini-models.

In 1979. Andy Warhol paints the car.

Technique - primed steel and oil.

BMW M1. Collage on the race car.

Personnel training for the race in the Estuary in 1976.

In 1986. Robert Rauschenberg draws up the car.

Technique of photography.

Rauschenberg sits in his car.

Cesar Manrique, a car with paint cans.

An abstract painting.

Manrique puts an autograph painted on the door of his car.


They come painted circus wagons to them.


On the back of a caricature of Nikulin and his autograph.

At the door of the words "Old Moscow Circus."

Acrobats, a bear.

Key words

fires, cars, the artists


Endi Uorholl -- artist Sezar Manrike -- artist Robert Raushenberg -- artist




Germany, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Moscow


streets, shops

Transportation; Culture and Arts; Disasters