Business Russia (1995) Telecast "Business Forum of Russia"

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Reel №1 Telecast "Business Forum of Russia"


TV studio.

In the studio master, Alexander Akopov.

Guests: Vladimir Gusev

Head of the State Tax Service of Russia.

Pyotr Mostovoy, head of the

Federal Office for

Insolvency (Bankruptcy).

This is the collection of taxes.

Private companies are more disciplined,

than the state.

Peter Bridge said the standardization of

accounting systems.

Russia does not comply with accounting

international standards.

It does not reflect the actual cash flows in the country.

All values ​​in the balance sheet -

conventional indicators.

Ministry of Finance

preparing a draft law on accounting.

Enter a unified system of accounting

in enterprises throughout the country is very difficult.

Vladimir Gusev, said the two sides

the process of taxation.

About the owners and the tax authorities.

Asks Alexander Akopov

about white accounting for the tax service.

And a black accounting for production management.

On the simplification of the tax system.

Vladimir Gusev speaks about tax complication

Russian legislation when it enters

the global economy.

Will be created

multinational companies, interstate



will not be easy.

Peter Bridge on the need to simplify

procedures to extract information

the financial position of the company.

On the double-entry bookkeeping of many enterprises.

The great amount of tax on business activity.

It does not stimulate the economy.

The change in the proportions of taxes to the side


Gusev said about the need

increase the level of wages.

Then we can take more taxes from individuals.

The tax system is very cumbersome.

A large number of unnecessary taxes.

Five ninety percent of the tax yield

revenue budget.

The other forty do not give a budget

real content.

The distribution of powers between the center

regions and local authorities.

Draft Tax Code will be introduced in October

the State Duma.

It provides a significant reduction

federal, state and local taxes.

The level of tax revenues to gross

domestic product.

In Russia, it is high -

more than forty percent.

But there is a developed country,

where it is much higher.

The unique Russian

tax evasion.

The biggest defaulters are those

who has the ideal conditions for economic activity.

They have a guaranteed sale of products, high turnover,

stable financial income.

Paradoxically, the major market players deliberately

inferior to its income partners.

Many oil companies are based transactions

on such revenue sharing, which for them

is unfavorable.

The question arises

whether such partnerships

another party to the transaction.

No one knows about it, but it is.

This method is very good money.

Revenues major producer receives

someone else.

It is easier to evade taxes.

Key words



Aleksandr Akopov -- TV activist Vladimir Gusev - the economic and public activist Bridge PP - The economic and public activist







Finance; Media; Domestic policy