Is a sin to be rich?. (1990 - 1999)

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Reel №1 The film Omar Sharif "is a sin to be rich?"


A young Arab sitting in the desert.

It white national dress.

Dolgopolov shirt dishdashas, ​​keffiyeh head scarf.

The film's director, Omar Sharif in the car.

Talking about the film:

"You will see the real Arabia and these Arabs.

This is the story of the United Arab Emirates.

About the country to which fate has given great wealth. "

Tall Buildings Arabia.

Newsreel footage.

Arabia to the "oil boom".

Poor structure.

Modern skyscrapers quarters

on the shore of the Persian Gulf.

Top view of a luxury villa.

Speedboat sweeps along the coast.


December 2, 1971.

Long negotiations.

Meeting of Heads of the seven emirates.

Creation of the Federation.

Large Sheikh Zayed

(Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan), the emir of Abu Dhabi.

He became president of the United Arab


The Arabs beat the drums.

Sheikh Zayed with a gun.

House of Sheikh Zayed.

Sheikh sits around a lot

Arabs from different segments of the population.

Sheikh listens to their concerns, taking the petition.

Synchron of a tribal leader,

which daily receives asylum.

The government gives its wealth

to assist citizens.

Stand-Omar Sharif.

Narrated by Chinese proverb

plans for 100 years, and teaching people.


Arab children learn to read the Koran.

Sync Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Tells how he studied, sitting under a tree.

Clock served as a shadow of the tree.


Arab military band played.

Government car rides around the city.

Sheikh Zayed out of the car.

A large crowd of Arab girls in school uniform.

Government members sit in chairs under an awning,

drink tea.

Sheikh Zayed read the verdict

Government of universal free education.

The students applauded.

The girls run the school.


There is a lesson.

The teacher asks.

Pupil answers.

Girls learn to write.

Synchron Khalaf Al Habtoor billionaire,

founder of the building, "Al-Habtoor Group."

He says the construction of school for three months.

Schools - a priority.


Arab children go to school systems.

Women in traditional dress go to school.

A modern computer lab.

Men are learning.

Sync with Amina Al Sayed,

female student at the Technical College in Abu Dabe.

Indicates the absence of barriers to women in her country.

About his father, a diver.

The danger of this work.

Women working in the television studio.

Working divers.

Collect pearls from the sea floor.

Omar Sharif stand-up of the sea, which was good for the Arabs.


Center of maritime trade.

Sailing boats at moorings.

Jewelry store.

Gold jewelry.

Women are considered jewelry.

Posh shopping center.

The story of brothers Abar wealth and Taj.

Abar said that the government has

him the money at home and work.

Posh house.

The interior decoration.

Taj's wife.

Abar Control works in the City of Abu Dhabi.

Bus station.

Brother Abar - the station.

Abar shows two skyscrapers.

Houses owned by him and his brother.

Synchronized with the enormous amount of Arab

female millionaire in the United Arab Emirates.

Sync with Amina Al Sayed.

He says that the family should consist of two people.

It is against polygamy.

Synchronous with the Arab woman.

These changes in society.

On-educated women and their independence.

Smart Arab House.

Rooms for men and women's rooms.

Men watch TV. The women drink tea.

They are subservient to women.

Omar Sharif is in the desert.

It a white shirt, dishdashas.

Talks about his luck and good life.

On the desert as a spiritual refuge.

On the easy style of life in the Emirates.

Key words

United Arab Emirates


Omar Sherif -- actor, director Halifa ibn Zajd an-Nahajyan -- Arab sheikh Nahajyan ben Mubaraka -- Arab sheikh Halaf alj Habtur -- Arab billionaire




United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai


urban types, shops, villas, desert