The documentary film "Moscow 1993". (1993)

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Movie №1 The documentary film "Moscow 1993"

The building of the Moscow City Hall (night).

Traffic on Tverskaya.

A monument to Yuri Dolgoruky.

Directions to the evening streets of Moscow - Tverskaya, Belarusian station, passers-by on the streets.

Yuri Luzhkov in a helicopter.

Circling the construction of houses - different plans.

Dirty snow on the sidewalks, passers-by.

Slips, falls off a young woman.

People make their way through the snow on the sidewalks.

Cars in the snow.

Vehicles, people in the streets.

Pigeons and sparrows pecking grain.

Yuri Luzhkov in a helicopter, giving an interview.

Winter streets of Moscow.

Red Square, people in the area.

People sit in the trolley, bus.

Interview of the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Moscow government, AM Peshkov.

Evening the streets of Moscow: passers-by, shops, shop windows, billboards.

A man in a phone booth in front of City Hall.

Telephone office of the Northern District.

Equipment, staff - different plans.

Yuri Luzhkov and Vladimir Resin, drink tea with settlers of new buildings.

Yuri Luzhkov, speaking to residents.

Vladimir Resin - close-up.

The conversation at the table.

Yuri Luzhkov, says - close-up.

Luzhkov and Resin at the table.

Multi-storey panel building.

People in the yard.


Employees at work.

Loaves on racks.

The film speaks to an employee of the plant, breaks the bread, try the bread.

Production processes at the plant.

Bakery, fresh loaves on the counter.

Women buy bread.

An old woman buys a loaf.

The filmmaker drinking tea with the heads of the plant.

Production of the plant on the table.

Shops of the plant, the production processes.

Products in conveyors and equipment.

The conversation at the table.

Manufacturing processes, factory employees at work.

Interview employees of the plant.

The old building police department "Kuntsevo."

The new building police department "Kuntsevo."

Duty, the police.

The control duty, the duty officer said by telephone.

Sports hall in the police department.


The duty officer at the console.

The building of Office for Combating Organized Crime.

Employees at work (at the tables for the computers).

Interview with Acting Head of the Department of Justice, of Moscow, GP Vavilova near the new building of the Office.

Yuri Luzhkov visited the new building of the Department of Justice.

Yuri Luzhkov, with staff, talking, laughing.

Operators have phones.

The shift of control, reports to the Moscow police chief Gen. V. Pankratov.

The police officers for the consoles.

Pankratov says on the phone, listening to the reports.

Police officers at the computers.

Interview of V. Pankratov.

Panorama of the operational room.

Operational personnel apprehend criminals, seizing weapons.

The press conference of Yuri Luzhkov.

Says Yuri Luzhkov - close-up.

Bank employees at work - different plans.

Visitors to the bank in the operating room.

The man at the ATM.

The filmmaker talks with the chairman of the bank's "Capital", A. Smolenskiy.

Interview with the director of the Moscow state company "Stinvest" (insurance company) AV Bondarevskaya.

Yuri Luzhkov in a helicopter.

Interview with Yuri Luzhkov.

Center for Social Services of the municipality "Printers."

Interview with Head of the Department of Social Welfare in South-Eastern Administrative District.

Older people in the room.

A man plays the accordion and singing women.

Employees sit in a chair, listening.

Older people are doing at the gym, physicians with older people.

Covered tables.

Older women in the doctor's office.

Older people are at the table, eating.

Sing elderly women and men.

A man plays the accordion.

Interview with staff of the social center.

Commercial firm "Anis" employees in the office of the computers, talk on the phone.

Interview with General Director of the firm A. Mukhametshin (for patronage projects).

Ballet of Alla Segal on stage - different plans.

A. Mukhametshin congratulates veterans.

Veterans on the scene.

Says A. Mukhametshin.

Sings the chorus of veterans.

Construction of the Central Museum of Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill.

Yuri Luzhkov inspects construction.

The Kremlin, The Ivan the Great Bell Tower.


Yu.M. Luzhkov -- statesman and political figure V.I. Resin -- statesman and political figure V.I. Pankratov -- Lieutenant-General of militia, police chief of Moscow in 1992-1995.




Moscow, Russia

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Media; Towns and countries; Social life; Defense and internal security; Construction