The life of Asian women. (1990 - 1999)

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Scene №1 The life of Asian women


The Japanese are engaged in the gym.

Japanese woman in kimono - different plans.

Japanese women in the gym - aerobics workout - different plans.

Dawn over the city.

General view of the city.

The apartment of a Japanese family.

The woman in the bed.

Japanese family wakes up.

A woman prepares breakfast.

Japanese family at breakfast table.

Teenage son in a school uniform, saying goodbye to his mother leaves the house.

The mother accompanies her son.

The son rides a bicycle to school.

Woman hanging laundry on the balcony, reading.

Walking down the street.

Works in the gym (the bar).

General plans for the city skyscrapers.

People on the streets.

A woman holds an aerobics workout in the gym.

Talking with visitors to the gym.

Directions to the evening streets.

People in a subway car, read.

A woman reading a book on aerobics in a subway car.

A woman talks about her work (in Japanese, English subtitles).

The woman is in the gym (the bar).

The woman in front of TV - watching a program of aerobics, repeating the movement.

A woman in a supermarket, selects the goods.

The woman at home, drinking tea, talking to her husband.

Sleeping child.

A woman holds an aerobics workout in the gym.

Runs with her husband on the street.

Selects the fabric in the store.

A woman wearing a kimono.

General view of the city, train passes.

Fitness instructors in the Qualification Commission.

Women in the hallway before the test, warm up, go to the gym.

Women come out of the building, laughing.

A woman tells about the exam.

A woman holds an aerobics workout in the gym.


Seascapes, sailing boat on the water.

People on the streets.

Pass a woman in a sari.

A woman in a sari sewing on the sewing machine.

Women for sewing machines.

Rural landscapes.

Women are engaged in household work.

The village life, people.

General view of the city - buildings, transport.

People go on the bus.

Women in saris on the streets.

The women in the sewing shop for sewing machines.

Adolescent girls sew.

Lunch Break: Women eating rice with his hands, sitting on the floor.

Types of villages, rural life, the people.

Children learn to read in the village school (sitting on the floor with books, the teacher is sitting on the floor).

Women are engaged in farming.

Indian woman in the office, wrote at the table.

The computer monitor.

A woman working at a computer.

The women in the sewing shop.

Streets, cars, rickshaws, people on the streets.

Seascapes (sunset).

Boats on the water.

Night life of the village.

Children are engaged in lessons, she washes the baby.

Windows are lit garment factory.

A woman sitting in a gas burner, prepares a meal.


Women at the toy factory assembly line.

Women working at the instruments.

Manufacturing processes.

The children in the playroom with toys.

Woman working at a toy factory.

Thai family in the store, walking through the streets.

A woman with a child in a toy shop.

A woman at work in the factory.

Women in the pipeline at the machines.

Women come out of the shop, down the stairs, sit on the bus.

Slides down a crowded bus.

Directions to the evening streets.

Empty shop toy factory - panorama.

A woman goes through the evening streets, buying vegetables in the market.

The woman at home.

The interior of the apartment.

Double bed.

A woman prepares in the kitchen.

Families with children at the table having dinner.

A woman washes the floor.

Children do their homework with the help of his father.

A woman washes the children.

The men at the table, watching television.

A woman wipes the yard.

The woman darning clothes.

The woman puts the baby to sleep.

A woman runs a bed, going to work.

A woman walks down the street, sits on the bus.

The woman at the factory.

The factory shop.




Towns and countries; Social life