Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Airdate May 28, 1996.

Morning Edition current affairs program.

In the studio, leading the program - and T.Ivanovskaya M.Solntsev.

Topics of issue:

"Russo-British talks in Moscow";

"The problems of small business in Russia";

"KAMAZ - Results and Prospects";

"Day of Frontier Guard" and other news and breaking stories.

Comments leading a visit to Moscow, the UK Minister for Trade, on the negotiations with members of the Russian government, the meeting in Geneva of the working group on Russia's accession to the WTO.

Report on holding the Days of Moscow in the small business of the seminar on the development of leasing and franchising in Russia.

Participants in the hall - different plans.

To the President of the Russian association of franchise development A.Mayler.

The restaurant "McDonald's on Pushkin Square, guests at the tables.

Ryad Street - the building of the State Duma, passing cars.

The building of the Moscow City Hall fountain.

Transport on the Tverskaya street, passers-by on the Old Arbat.

Embankment of the Moskva River, Kremlin Wall, the Kremlin's cathedrals.

Cars, pedestrians on the streets of Moscow.

The building of the White House.

Comments of the leading leasing companies in Russia, about the government's decision to support the financial and economic groups, "Russian Aviation Consortium", a redemption of shares of privatized a number of defense companies, on the interview of the defense industry Z.Paka published in the journal "Expert".

Report on the International exhibition of defense equipment «HEMUS» in Plovdiv.

Russian air defense systems at the show.

Report on the establishment of the state military complex "Moscow Aircraft Production Association" (VPK "MAPO").

Press conference on the establishment of MAPS.

At the airfield taxiing, landing is the MiG-29.

The Ka-50 and Ka-32 helicopters in the air.

M.Solntsev talks about the creation of a tripartite alliance aircraft manufacturers Perm, Kazan and Bashkir in order to produce long-distance passenger aircraft Tu-214.

Passenger airliner in the air.

Comments on the Government's program O.Ivanovskoy bailout automotive corporation "Moskvich".

Report of the automotive plant "KAMAZ".

Fluttering flags, exhibition of KAMAZ trucks.

Interview with General Director of JSC "KAMAZ" N.Beha.

New models of KAMAZ "Mustang", garbage trucks, tractors, etc. - different plans.

Passenger car "Oka."

N.Beh says.

The plot of the border guards of the Arctic, in connection with the celebration of the border guard.

Press conference of the leaders of the Arctic Russian Border Troops.

Arctic acts as the commander of Border K.Pleshko.

Roth's border guards on the building.

Interview K.Pleshko.

The sailors of the border guards with weapons on board flee military boat, the boat goes to sea.

Advertising of products and services.

Comments of the leading financial news - a soft loan of Russia from Germany, the situation in financial markets, currency exchange rates.

Report on the production of fur coats in Greece.

Types of Greek city of Kastoria - houses on the coast, the streets, the people.

Demonstration of a collection of fur coats.

The factory for the production of fur coats - working furriers.

Mink coats in the store.

Mannequins in the coats of various styles on the catwalk - different plans.

Are mink pelts.

Sewing fur - different plans.

Fashion models on the catwalk.

Interview with Greek furrier R.Makisa.

Mannequins show coats.

Leading talk about the main events of the day.

Advertising of products and services.


Majler A. -- President of the Russian association of franchise development Pleshko K.. -- General, Commander of Border Troops of the Arctic Russia Beh N. -- General Director of JSC "KAMAZ"




Moscow Bulgaria Naberezhnye Arkhangelsk Greece

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Defense and internal security; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Social life; Domestic policy